Dear Pastor
September 16, 2005
Co-worker has attitude problem

Dear Pastor,

I’m a regular reader of your column and I love the advice you give.

Pastor, there is this young man who works in a particular office who seems to be obsessed with power. He feels he knows everything and does not like to take correction. Also whenever customers come into the office he always wants to force himself to deal with them, never allowing anyone else to do it. {{more}}

Then, he always hints that he is working too hard and not getting enough help and even saying he should be working for more money.

Pastor, nobody in the office can stand him, his attitude is really bad.

And the way he talks about money is scary.

Concerned Colleague

Dear Concerned Colleague,

When someone is behaving in the manner that you have described it is usually an indication of an inner insecurity issue that they may be battling with. It seems like they are confident and well assured but that is often an attempt to mask lingering or compressing insecurities. So there is a need for such persons to feel important and needed and they are often willing to step over any one to maintain their “image”.

As to how you guys should deal with it, just do your jobs to the best of your ability and still try your best to reach out to your colleague. Hopefully as you try to get close to him he might start to realize that no one’s an island. I do hope someone will get close enough to him to help him see the error of his ways, lest he ends up lonely, frustrated and still unfulfilled. Hey for all you know this young man could also just be going through an identity search, trying to find his own self, now maturing. So give him time, don’t join the condemnation bandwagon, and reach out to him. When or if he comes to his senses, he will have someone to guide him.

Pastor Jackson