Dear Pastor
July 1, 2005
Tell your friend to leave the boy alone!

Dear Pastor Jackson,

Thank you for giving of yourself to answer people’s various problems. I have a friend who has a situation that she would like to get your advice on.

Pastor, she was in a relationship for over five years. And about six months ago she walked out on the guy she was with. He did not really do anything wrong to her but she just saw this new guy and got involved with him. Her ex-boyfriend tried over and over again to get her back but she refused him.{{more}}

You see this new guy made a lot of promises and was very exciting to her. But now the new relationship is not working out and what she thought she saw in the guy turned out to be a lie.

Pastor, I told her to beg her ex-boyfriend to take her back but now she is feeling ashamed and is worrying about what people will say. And most of all she is afraid that her ex-boyfriend would laugh at her and embarrass her. But I do not think he will, I am sure he still loves her.

What should she do?

Hi dear,

I know I should give you the pastoral response but nah! Tell her leave the poor boy alone and get her head right.

If she could walk out of five years of relationship to chase down a dream guy then that is scary.

In fact, whatever is happening to her is well deserved and I will be surprised if her ex doesn’t laugh at her and send her back to her “knight in shining armour”. I mean, I know we are all capable of doing some foolish things at times, mistakes of all dimensions, size and impact can be made, but you too must admit that what your friend did was really stupid.

And my question is where were you, letter writer when your friend was messing her life up? It is commendable, I guess that you are trying to help her out of the sinking sand now but it will be interesting to have been a fly on the wall when you were chatting with her before she stepped into the drama.

I heard you speak about knowing for sure that her ex still loves her, be careful that you are not encouraging your friend to rebound into his arms to simply secure herself, because that will be adding to her list of evils.

My first advice stands, leave the boy alone but if she must go back to him it must be because she realizes that she was a fool, stupid beyond words and has now realized that she left what was good and healthy to chase after what was deceptive and foolish. If this is not the case, then you and your friend……LEAVE THE BOY ALONE!!!!!

Pastor Jackson