Dear Pastor
February 18, 2005
Are our churches doing enough?

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I am a Christian woman who loves the Lord very much and consider myself to be very committed.

Recently I have been having some very intense discussions with some colleagues at work who seem to think that the church is not doing enough in the society. Pastor I am usually the first to defend churches because I know people are always trying to attack them but I must admit they do have a point. We preach and try to lead people to the Lord, but are churches really making any contribution to society at large?{{more}}

I know this is not the usual type of letters you answer in your column but I will truly appreciate it if you can give your opinion to this question.

A Concerned Christian

Dear Concerned Christian

You are not the only one that is concerned, your question is one that continually occupies my mind as a leader but more so as a Christian. I do believe that there is a need for us as church leader and Christians on a whole to examine the impact of our ministry. Make no mistake about it, winning souls to the Lord must be our ultimate focus. The church’s mandate has been set. We are to make disciples, so I humbly suggest that in all our budgeting, planning and vision, casting that evangelism, adding to the body, must prevail as the key component.

So we go one on one, host crusades, invite speakers from as far reaching as we can afford, whatever it takes; conventions, rallies, you name it. But part of this evangelistic trust must also be the “bread and fish” ministry. Jesus’ example of feeding the multitudes is crystal clear. And we must not forget that when Judas went to betray him, the other disciples thought that he was going to distribute to the poor. They wouldn’t think that it wasn’t part of their regular ministry, would they?

The message of the gospel never changes but there are so many methods to be explored. I wonder what the impact would be and what audience will be created if more churches invested in sponsoring community sports projects, actively invest in education (free lessons for children, encouragement of award schemes etc.). That lady living in an abusive relationship who comes to the crusade and gives her heart to the Lord, as she stands with her four children, jobless; do we allow her to go back home to that man or do we reach out at all costs.

The concern may be that we can’t help every body that way… but who says we have to? My dear sister we just have to ask ourselves, ARE WE DOING OUR BEST and DO WE HAVE OUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT?

Make no mistake though, many churches are doing the above. I personally know of churches, which distribute groceries to the needy, give computer lessons, assist the poor and much more. But your concern is justified because many of us still have our priorities very much mixed up!

Pastor Jackson