Dear Pastor
May 28, 2004

Marriage doomed for disaster

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I have a question I would like to ask you.
What do you think about a situation where a man and a woman are married but the woman does not want the man to correct her children when they do wrong; and she also doesn’t want to have any children with her husband.

Just Wondering

Hi Just Wondering,

What do I think?
I think that couple did not do thorough marriage counselling before they got married. And if they did, then the counsellor should not have sanctioned that marriage if those ideals were revealed.
What you have described is a situation doomed to be a disaster.
I would want to believe that a mother who is getting married would only marry someone who she believes can also be a father figure to her children. So if the man is not fit to do that job, which includes the disciplining of the children when need arises, then in my humble opinion he is not fit to be a husband in the first place.
Regarding having children, this is something that must be discussed before marriage so that the other partner can know what he or she is getting into.
Unless there is more to the matter that is unknown, I would say that this particular lady is selfish or has some serious hang-ups about the commitment she has entered into. One thing that is for sure, though, is that this couple needs help urgently before that situation becomes pressurised. I do not see any normal man being able to live under those conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Pastor Jackson