My Pregnancy a stumbling block
Dear Pastor
April 20, 2004

My Pregnancy a stumbling block

Hi Pastor,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. I’m here seeking a lot of spiritual advice.
I used to be very active in church. I was very committed and attended almost every service. I met my boyfriend in church and together we were doing great, then things started to go wrong.{{more}}
We spent a lot of time together and got real close. Then we started having sex and I ended up getting pregnant. My boyfriend and I were put on probation in church. Now the probation is over and I am trying get back involved into the church but I do not feel comfortable. It is almost as though people still see me for what I did and even though they are trying to act normal I could see that they do not really want me around.
I honestly do not feel the love any more and I am actually thinking about leaving the church. I want to serve God but I do not believe I could do it in that church any more. My pregnancy is like a stumbling block in my way.

Thanks a lot

Hello my dear sister,

Have you forgiven yourself? Have you accepted that yes, you did compromise your Christianity, NOT BY GETTING PREGNANT but by being sexually active outside of marriage?
What about God’s mercy and grace, have you received his mercy knowing that once you have sincerely repented he has again wiped the slate clean?
I have asked you this host of questions because in the end the answers to these are the key to your success and restoration. The reality is that many of us speak about forgiveness and do not know how to open our arms to a fallen brother or sister and restore them to spiritual health. We also have a serious unsaid but obvious bias when it comes to sins that are of a sexual nature.
When a person gets into sexual sin and especially when they get pregnant, the belly is a constant reminder of their failure. And so even after you would have made the child sadly your baby remains a reminder.
It should not be so because people lie, gossip, envy, harbor malice in their heart but continue to function in an air of “holiness”. If only the church will see that when lists of damning sinful practices are noted in the Bible (Romans 1:28- 32: Galatians 5: 19- 21) fornication isn’t mentioned in isolation as a greater sin. It is true that every other sin is outside of the body but fornication also defiles the body and so we must guard against it.
Listen darling, do not run from where you are, face up to the fact that you did disappoint your brethren after they may have had high hopes for you. You may have been a standard bearer for the youths and so your fall hits like a body blow from a boxer. Hear me though, through some words from Donnie McClurkin in his hit song “we fall down but we get up………. You can get back up again”

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