Bullock making strides in business studies
August 26, 2005
Bullock making strides in business studies

Samantha Bullock, is making big strides as she pursues her dreams in the field of business.

In June, the Akers resident graduated from Western Michigan University with honours in Finance and Economics. The University located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has a population of 45, 000 students.

Bullock, a former student of the Calder Government School, Girls’ High School and St.Vincent Community College told SEARCHLIGHT it was always her dream to pursue a career in Business and since making the choice to do so several years ago while at the Girl’s High School, she has never deviated from her plan.

At present Bullock is considering working in International Trade Law or a related field, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines or the wider Caribbean.

“I want to contribute to the development of the Caribbean,” Bullock stated for choosing to work within the region.

Bullock, the daughter of Hilford and Donna Bullock, said besides being away from her family, her tenure at Western Michigan University, was not much of a challenge to her.

Few Vincentians attend the prestigious university. In her spare time Bullock was actively involved in the university’s International Programme, and used her time to provide representation for the Vincentian student body there.

“Don’t limit yourself,” Bullock advises Vincentian youths while adding, “there are opportunities out there, reach for the stars and grab them”.

“Don’t forget where you’re from. Be patriotic,” she said.

The young woman’s success comes along with having a strong spiritual background.

She credits her success to God and her father Hilford, who sacrificed his dreams of a university education to allow Samantha to pursue her studies.

Hilford said his parents gave him the opportunity to have a sound education and he felt the onus to do the same for his children.

“We are living in a global village so we need to have a professional approach,” said the former employee of the Ministry of Agriculture who has dedicated 30 years of service to this country. Hilford added, that he has not only assisted his children but has also done so to other youths of his community.

In the 2005 Common Entrance Examinations, Samantha’s youngest sister Elizabeth Bullock placed eight overall and sixth for girls with scores of 87 for Mathematics, 82 for English and 81 for General Paper.

Her dream is to become an Economist.

Elizabeth hopes to walk in her sister’s footsteps, starting from September she enrolls at the Girls’ High School (GHS).