Community Opinion
March 23, 2012
Should multiple sexual partners know about each other?

Members of the public were asked this question. “If a person is “dating around” and has multiple sexual partners, should the people that he or she is seeing know about each other?”

First I must say that it was a hard task getting interviews on this issue. It seems like a touchy topic for a lot of people (hmmm), and I want to applaud the people who were brave enough to openly give their opinion.

Here are their views:

Ayodele Pompey: From the outset. I don’t believe any person should have multiple sexual partners. Making a decision on whether or not they should tell their partners is a decision that I don’t think should have to be made, because on the most fundamental level it is wrong.

Josielle Primus: I personally don’t believe in having multiple partners, I don’t condone it. However, in a situation like that, if he alerts the female, she can know what to expect if she sees him with other people, but if she isn’t aware it can cause conflict. She has to be aware so she can know if she’s comfortable with it.

Jeffery Burgin: If you do make people aware of the situation at the beginning, then they would know what to expect and won’t be upset when they see you with other people. It is also beneficial because you can contract and share sexually transmitted diseases easier. On the other hand, it can cause problems with your relationship with the others, so if you don’t tell them about each other, then they might not feel upset when they see you with other people; they might assume you’re just friends.

Tamika Foyle: I think they should know. You should want to know in order to protect yourself emotionally and physically.

Laferne Fraser: In such a situation, honesty is important so that the limit of the relationship would be understood. Honesty allows you to protect yourself emotionally and physically and prevents feelings of betrayal and disrespect. Honesty is also important in respecting the other person’s right to choose whether they want to stay in such a relationship or leave.

Samantha Diamond: If I am telling you truthfully what is going on, I expect the same from you, so I could protect myself and so on.


Vilma Ollivierre: If you are not in a committed relationship I might not care, but if I do care I would like to know so I can get out of the situation.