Christmas Messages
December 20, 2013
Time to reflect on the reason why Christ was born

Fri Dec 20, 2013

Christian message from Christian Pilgrim Faith

We had 40 years in this country – 40 years of 40 Christmas in our own land couldn’t practise our religious faith.

The late George Mc Intosh fought against the colonial system for the repealing of the 1912 Shakerism Prohibited ordinance. When the youthful E.T. Joshua came back from Trinidad in 1950, he overtook the struggle from Mc Intosh and George Charles, and becoming the first black chief minister, he gave the converteds the release from police brutality, handed down from England rule.{{more}}

So, we started to enjoy the Christmas Nine Mornings in the fifties with bumdrums and bamboo and string instruments, then the steel band – all of this was about 4 to 6 a.m. This parading the streets Nine Mornings culture, then went into the Town Hall with Nurse and his combo band at Calliaqua Town Hall, Flambeau and other places. Then Bassy Alexander took it to Kingstown in the 90’s. There are others who took it from Bassy to where it is. We need to put full meaning to the unique culture. Is it the symbol of the nine months Mary had him before birth? Is it a commercial drive for the capitalists? Is it time to clean the houses and family reunion or, is it time to reflect on the reason why Christ was born? With the many divide and rule by government and religions.

We wish all people home and beyond a happy Christmas and an awakening 2014 and beyond.

Christian Pilgrim Faith

Cornelius George