Christmas Messages
December 23, 2010
Let sound reason and good will to our neighbours be our guide


by H.E. Cenio Lewis – High Commissioner for SVG, London

Dear nationals and friends of St Vincent and the Grenadines, it will soon be Christmas, and our thoughts may now be focused on how we plan to spend the festive days of the Christmas season. We have much to be thankful for, but in times of celebration, it is easy to forget those who are less fortunate. Therefore, as we enter the celebration of this Christmas, let us give consideration to those who need some assistance, and in particular remember those who are still enduring the hardship caused by the effects of hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

The recent event of hurricane Tomas has shown how vulnerable our nation is to the forces of nature. Mercifully, no lives were lost, and we must thank God for his mercies. As I reflect on Tomas, two things, among others, come to my mind. The first is a clear demonstration of the resilience of our people. The second is the necessity to have an able and competent government under strong leadership, for we never know when our vulnerability as a small state would be put to the test.

This brings me to the recent general elections. The nation has shown that our democratic process is alive and well. The nation has spoken and has made its choice. It is, therefore, our collective duty to continue to do all we can to assist the new government in its aim for sustainable and social development. Our Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has called for “healing and cooperation”. My prayer is that there would be a positive response to that call.

In all our thoughts let us be guided by sound reason and good will to all our neighbours. Let us seek inner peace and be subject to God’s enduring mercies. It is in the words of the Lord’s Prayer that I find the most comforting thought – “Thy will be done” – Theologians question the meaning of these words. I am not a theologian but in my simplicity I read those words to mean that the will of God is in the absolute. His will is what matters.

On behalf of the staff of the Mission in London and on my own behalf I wish to convey to all nationals and friends at home and in the diaspora best wishes for a happy Christmas and a successful New Year.

May God bless our Nation