Christmas Messages
December 19, 2008
Let the ‘Light’ radiate throughout your life


Christmas Message from The Rt. Rev. Edmund E. John, Bishop – Spiritual Baptists Archdiocese

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light… glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of goodwill! Such was the life of the people and the greeting of the Seraph as they continued groping for new beginnings and an end to their turmoil. They sought relief in the mountains, valleys, possessions, leaders and just about anything that appeared to provide reinforcement.{{more}}

Moses and several other leaders were given the authority to bring together a rebellious people, but met with resistance in insurmountable proportion. This continued down through the ages despite the many warnings given and portents witnessed. God in his mercy still had something special for his people and provided other avenues that they could come to the reality that much more was in store for them if only they would accept the gifts offered.

The children of Israel, though exposed to the many signs of the day, still did not understand the message. The only medium then to bring them to an awareness that all was not lost was for the Father to send his only Son, born of a woman and under the destructive devises of the day, to prove to them that there was light at the end of the horizon…eternal life in store for those willing to “obey and follow the Light”. The Shepherds were astonished at the message, despite being forewarned of the Messiah’s coming, but accepted the announcement and forthwith “obeyed the voice, left all their belongings and went in search of that Light”.

Today, the world is still struggling for mastery and possessiveness without first seeking the Light; grasping for earthly vessels that will vanish away and not the outstretched arms of “the Light” that will brighten their darkness. That still small voice is echoing through the streets and hamlets, our schools, hospitals, auditoriums, homes and lives…come unto me and I will give you eternal life. As the people of old, and many others today, men rather sit in darkness, lest their deeds be made manifest. The Shepherds, and those willing to follow, sought the “Light” and continued thereafter seeking for that awareness – “Perpetual Life”.

To all citizens, visitors and those still grappling with what is now “history” (just as Herod and others of the day in not believing that Christ came to save the world), the Spiritual Baptists Community wish you all a Joyous Season (Light to lighten your darkness) and a Prosperous year ahead (Peace on earth; goodwill to all men). Let the “Light” radiate throughout your life and so that others will be drawn to that “Light”, continue following its Rays into Eternal Life. God Bless you all!