Celebration Time
February 13, 2009
Forever together


I love you and you love me,
Your peace of mind is all I’m after,
Someday we’ll make it together
As we both can see.

We’ve been through many changes in our lives
So I need you here by my side.
Just thinking about you drives me crazy
My love baby, you take my breath away.

You are everything I need.
You make my love so strong,
Boy, just tell me I have your heart
And forever I’ll be your lover.

I will always be there if you care
And I know in my arms you’ll be warm,
There all your fears will be wiped away,
For baby you will find there waiting is your one true love.

Just you and me, we’ll stay together.
I know you know the way I feel
Yet words cannot explain what’s inside,
For the feeling you feel is like no other feeling you ever feel.