Celebration Time
January 4, 2008
A sweet and humble little girl


Belated birthday greetings are going out to a sweet and humble little girl, Chante David of Old Montrose, residing in Canada who celebrated on 24th December. Greetings are coming from your grandmas Margaret, and Delma, granddad Ken, mom Kenlyn, dad Clive, aunts Robbin, Orgie, Nicole, Michelle, Sue, uncles Jonny, Kenroy, Kendal, Eyon, Abre, Ryan, brothers Kahillil, Kyle, cousins Akeem, Keedo, Sherry, Ethen, Isabell, Natalie, Jaba, Kelise, and the rest of the family circle, and also neighbours and friends of Old Montrose. Keep shining like the star you are. We love you to the max.