Alexander excels at St. Francis College in NY
Celebration Time
July 14, 2006
Alexander excels at St. Francis College in NY

Leonis Alexander recently graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, with a B.Sc in Information Technology, a B.A in Economics and a minor in Sociology.

Throughout her college life, Leonis demonstrated a high level of academic excellence which resulted in her partial scholarship being upgraded to a Presidential Scholarship covering full tuition, after her first year at the college.

Not only did she appear on the Deans list every semester at St. Francis, she was also nominated by the college, and placed on the National Deans’ List, an organization honoring high-achieving college students throughout the US. (The National Dean’s List has become the largest, most-respected program in the nation for honoring exceptional college students).

She was a member of the prestigious Honors Progam at St. Francis College and presented an exceptional thesis on the Socio-Economic Impact of Globalization on Less Developed countries.

In 2005, she was inducted into the Duns Scotus Honors Society, a society which recognizes high scholastic standing, participation in extra-curricular activities, evidence of loyalty to the ideals of St. Francis College, and the demonstration of true Franciscan spirit. In April of this year, she was also inducted into the Philosophy Honors Society (Phi Sigma Tau and the Sociology Honors Society (Alpha Kappa Delta).

Leonis also had several opportunities to demonstrate her organizational and leadership qualities, as she represented her peers as Sophomore, Junior and Senior Senator for the Student Government Association. She was also the President of the Economics Honor Society (Omicron Delta Epsilon), as well as the President of the Information Technology Club and Economics Club which was awarded Club of the Year during her tenure as President.

She also walked away with the most awards at the recently held Awards Dinner at St. Francis College where she received the Franciscan Spirit Award, the Who’s Who iin American Colleges and Universities Award, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Award for scholarship and participation, and, on behalf of the clubs for which she was President, the awards for Club of the Year and most active clubs on campus.

To culminate her achievements not only did she graduate Summa Cum Laude, she was also awarded the Departmental Awards for the Graduating Senior with the highest Grade Point Average for the Information Technology Department and the Economics Department – the departments in which she received her dual degrees while attending St. Francis College.

Leonis is the daughter of Clifton and Naomi Harry of Calder Ridge.

She was a student of the St. Vincent Girls’ High School where she was Headgirl. Her parents and family congratulate her on her great achievement.