Celebration Time
December 9, 2005

Myra Safiya Jacobs, Daughter of Ras Oba and Dafina Jacobs, successfully completed her 2004/05 school year at the Bellows Falls Middle School in Vermont USA with an A+ (A plus) average. She maintained the highest academic grade and received awards for High Standard of Excellence in Mathematics, Outstanding Achievement in Science and highest overall average in her grade for Social Studies.

When asked what motivates her to do her very best in school, she replied,”My Parents were the first to make learning fun for me, along with ‘Aunty Liz’ (Elizabeth Cordice) and my Student Teachers at the Discovery Pre-school. I also had guidance and encouragement at the Calliaqua Anglican Primary School from all my teachers, in particular Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Searles, Mr. Questelles, Mr. Bennett, my fifth grade Math Teacher and the Head Mistress Mrs. Charles. I also want to acknowledge the strong influence of Uncle Ken and Aunty Wendy Minors and Aunt Marie who always made sure I did at least two hours of Math and English homework each day after school.”

Myra also would like to acknowledge Coach Tony Boyea and the Bonan Tennis School for contributing to her development in sports. She continues to be active in sports, recently completing the girls Soccer season and is now entering the winter sports season with Girls Basketball and Snowboarding.