Vincentian shot dead in Trinidad
Oswannie Hutchinson (Photo Credit: Ian Alleyne)
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August 17, 2022
Vincentian shot dead in Trinidad

A Vincentian national has become a statistic in the escalating crime wave in Trinidad and Tobago.

According to information from the Ian Allen network, Vincentian Oswannie Hutchinson was shot dead on Wednesday August 17.

The 21 year old was reportedly doing construction work when he was shot.

Searchlight understands that Hutchinson was from Redemption Park and was in Trinidad visiting relatives.

He reportedly got stuck because of the COVID-19 pandemic and his passport expired.

Ian Alleyne reports that Hutchinson was working on a house at Snake Valley in Laventille when he was shot dead.


[ Updated on August 23,2022 at 4:02pm to correct Hutchinson’s former place of residence in St.Vincent]