Celebration time for Mildred
August 9, 2013

Celebration time for Mildred

Fri Aug 09, 2013

Mildred Norma Hunte

Happy belated 47th birthday to a wonderful and kind-hearted mother, Mildred Norma Hunte of Upper Cane Hall, who celebrated on 2nd August 2013. Greetings coming from her three loving children Sherwin, Shermah and Sherforna Hunte, her dad Hamilton Goodluck, along with her two brothers Desmond and Calvert Hunte, residing in Canada and her two sisters Elaine and Venita. More greetings coming from the guys at Suck-it shop and the rest of the family circle. Remember to always keep the shine on; may God continue to bless and keep you. We love you.