Beauty Beat
March 30, 2007
What type of skin do you have? Pt:2

1. Do you get spots?

a) Yes, I’m prone to black heads, white heads or big red ones that hurt
b) Not really- only around my period or if I use thick moisturizer
c) Only on my nose, forehead and chin
d) Yes, but they’re red rather than whiteheads or I get rashes{{more}}

2. Look at your nose and the area around it. what do you notice most?

a) Blackheads, whiteheads and oil
b) Flaky patches and redness around my nostrils
c) That my nose and cheeks look like they’re from two different faces- my nose is shiny, my cheeks are dull
d) There are lots of little red veins on my cheeks
e) I’ve lots of open pores

3. Take your index finger and lightly press your cheek upwards. What do you see?

a) Nothing really
b) I get loads of tiny lines like that vanishes when I stop
c) Few lines appear, but when I stop pressing they go away.
d) The area goes with then red or it feels hot
e) I get folds of skin forming and it takes a while to snap back to normal
f) Look at your pores under some natural bright light- What are they like?

a) Big, black and shiny
b) Practically non-existent
c) Big on my nose, chin or forehead, but non existent elsewhere
d) Practically non-existent
e) Large but clear- there’s no oil there

4. Apply your make-up as normal in the morning, then at lunchtime take long hard look in the mirror. What happened?

a) What’s left of it, is shiny, but most of it has disappeared
b) It’s gone blotchy and flaky
c) My cheeks aren’t so bad, but my nose is shiny
d) My skin looks a bit red and irritated
e) It’s settled on the lines of my face or looks dry


Most A’s You have oily skin
Most B’s You have dry skin
Most C’s You have combination skin
Most D’s You have sensitive skin
Most E’s You have maturing skin

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