Beauty Beat
January 26, 2007
Beauty is a whole body experiene

From the de-stressing value of a long hot bath to the practicality of hair removal, looking good does not stop at your chin. The problem, however is that a huge number of us don’t like the bits under our chin. We’re too fat, too thin, not busty enough or a bit saggy , and because of this dissatisfaction most of us try not to pay much attention to these parts of our bodies. It’s a head in the sand approach, which is actually self-defeating.{{more}}

The more time we spend looking at our bodies, the more we will begin to like them. And what better way to get to know your body than by spoiling and pampering it with beauty regimes. By spending a little time on body care everyday you will not only create a sense of total well-being but also some cases, improve your overall health. And let’s face it a healthy body is the most beautiful body of all.

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