Beauty Beat
March 24, 2006

Hair Cycles

If the hair is normal and healthy, each individual hair goes through a steady cycle of events: {{more}}

growth, fall and replacement. The average growth of healthy hair on the scalp is about 1/2″ per month. The healthier the hair the more rapid growth is. The rate of growth also depends on the sex, race and age. The hair growth rate increases between the ages of 15-30 and declines sharply between 50-60.

The average life of hair ranges between 4 and 7 years. A certain amount of hair is shed daily. This is nature’s method of making way for new hair. The average daily shedding is estimated at 75 to 150 strands of hairs. If one should experience loss beyond this estimated average, this would be a good time to visit your cosmetologist for a scalp and hair analysis.