Wait and see who will win Calypso de Monarch
Bassy - Love Vine
June 23, 2023

Wait and see who will win Calypso de Monarch

Ah had already made up me mind to stay way from commenting on Vincy Mas dis year, but Lie Za followed de judging of de Calypso preliminaries and she wants to

air ah few pointers.

Dis year dey are 22 semi finalists with two reserves, De Man Age wid his song: “Come on, come on nah Man; and Ron B wid “Doltishness”, two Aunty Ralph songs, would ah bin struck off Club’s list before dey even sang. Of de 22 selected though, dey are 13 males among dem four former Monarchs: Sulle, Abijah, Ipa and Rejector. And foh de first time dey are nine female semi-finalists, among them 2 former Monarchs: Fya Empress and Shaunelle. From dat 22 cast, ten will be selected to face off in de Finals- Tadjoe, de rein-ing Monarch is not defending his crown.
Widout asking her to give me her choice for de top three places, she said dat dis year, foh de first time de top three places will be Females. Firstly she said, but de Club will not allow any Calypso dat portrays any negative Vibes against de Pry Minister an de Go-venom-mint, dey will not mek beyond de top Five. So all like Abijah, Patches, Man-Sick and Ninja better collect de semi-finals appearance fee and say thanks. Lie-Za’s pick foh Monarch is Shena followed by Runner Up is Nubian Princess, and Third position is Fya Empress.
But she says Shena and Nubian Princess sang Aunty Go-venom-mint Calypsoes and de Club will certainly disqualify dem. So Fya Empress will be crowned Queen, Shaunelle second and to tek shame out ah dey face dey might reconsider Shena, Nubian Princess or Ipa, mek-E hurt Zion I!
So how did she come up wid such an interesting Anal-ass-ist. She said in every Club- Football, Cricket or CD Club no matter how con-fee-den-tell de issues are, dey’s always ah member inside who has ah friend of ah friend outside who is an NME. Dey are two Rules foh Calypso in SVG as follows. Rule No 1: No song dat sets out to expose de corruption in Go-Venom-Mint will be played on Go-venom-mint financed Radio Stations, And Rule No 2: No song dat falls under Rule No 1 will get pass de top five in de CD Club Calypso Monarchy. Matter Close.


It’s Ah-Maze-In how last election, NDP couldn’t find ah candidate in East St George to challenge Karma-Low; even when de ULP speaker made dat damning statement on de platform in Calliaqua saying dat; “NDP people will suffer till dey die.” Everybody went in hiding from Go-lie-at Jr. It’s Ah-Maze-In how an unknown lady on hear dem damning remarks, came out ah retirement to offer Love-On de people of Sin George. It’s Ah-Maze-in dat in three short years NDP is on its feet again sharing de Love-On every street corner in East Sin George. It’s Ah-Maze-In.
And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.