Co-loan -ill-is-him
Bassy - Love Vine
September 16, 2022
Co-loan -ill-is-him

Queen Elizabeth II is dead, long was her Rain! Britain is steeped with tradition, since her death de British have been in permanent mourning, ah tired hear “God Save our Gracious Queen, now Gracious King.”

BBC Television has been covering her past life 24-7 and will continue days after her burial. We might fault Co-lone-ill-is-him as much as we wish, but we can’t touch dem foh pomp and pride, dey show great honour to and tremendous respect foh dey departed heroes. We have one Hero, Chatoyer who died in battle, defying and fighting de Co-lone-all-list from stealing our lands, now how often do we remember we have ah Nah-shun-all-hero? Yet we bold face nuff to say we appointing three more Heroes.

De late Queen’s son Primce Charles replaces his mother as King Charles III, ah never seen ah smoother take-over, long may he Rain. Ah hold fond memories looking at de young Prince Charles years ago, den ah Naval Officer, playing Cricket on de Richmond Hill Playing Field.

Talking bout smooth take-over, in Britain, home of Co-loan-ill-is-him, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forcefully asked to step down and resign, he did and Liz Truss replaced him widout ah hitch. Not so easy in de USA home of Cap-it-all-is-him. Done-all Trump refused to accept defeat in de presidential Elect-shun in de USA, almost plunged de US into near Civil War again, trying to mek SVG un-govern-able sorry; mek America un-go-venable, Dat’s neither Co-Loan-ill-is-him nor Democracy it’s called De-mockery-sea!

Fortunately or not, ah was born in de days ah Co-Loan-ill-is him, Smack in de middle ah World War ll, when one side ah super powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) went to war wid another side, de Allies (Great Britain, France, de USA, Russia and China). De Allies won de War and wid Great Britain in de middle, it meant SVG (being part ah de British Empire or Common Well’t) was in no small way involved in de War. We sent ah strong message of support to de King, George VI: “Hold on Britain, SVG is behind you!” Lie-Za say she heard dat SVG even collected money and sent it to Britain to pay foh ah Battle Ship.

After de 1935-1945 War, amidst its many Vices and Virtues, ah was schooled and later worked under de British Co-loan-ya’ll system foh 24 years, until Statehood, followed by In-de-pen-dance. A love to look back at dat period as Cologne-is-him, sweet and savory. We are our worse NME, nothing to do wid de System.

Unlike dis error oops era way de country has been ruled by successive Go-venom-mints, some more corrupt dan others, displaying total disrespect foh accountability and integrity, Officials teefing down de treasury and all is covered up. Under Co-loan-ill-is-him, any public servant caught stealing Go-venom-mint money, were tried in ah Court of Law, and if found guilty, was sentenced to jail. Public Servants and daily paid workers got Salaries Revision wid Back Pay every five years. Those were de good ole days ah Co-loan-ill-is-him One remembers when Arm-in Eustace, den Prime Minister offered Public Servants ah 10 per cent increase over ah three year period. Alas! De ass-spy-ring Prime Minister in waiting offered ah better deal of ah 30 percent. It never happened, in fact it was an Is-him… just ‘Ass-per-ration-all-is-him!” Today he is back again, dis time offering 12 per cent over ah three year period. It’s now NDP time to offer 30 per cent.

Ah dey at ah loss wid all these Is-hims: Co-loan-ill-is-him! . Come-on-is-him! Sore-Shell-is-him! Cap-it-all-is-him! De-man-is-him is surfacing publicly now., Lie-Za advises me to believe Kaisonian Black Stalin who sang: “ Got to stay from from dem Is-hims, cause all dem Is-hims is only Sch-is-him (schism)”And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.