Bassy - Love Vine
October 1, 2021
Ah want ah $50 ah day wuk

If Sir James could have his way again, he will offer ah $50 Hotel Lunch Voucher to everyone, Vaxer or Aunty-Vaxer who takes de Jab. Sir James means well, he loves his country, and would love to see de E-con-Amy up and running again,. He wants to see Cargo ships leaving wid bananas, Yachts and Tourist Boats flooding de ports; he wants to see Charter Planes touching down at Argyle Inter-nah-shun-all. Lie-Za say she heard pon de news dat PM Gone-soft shaking Fry-dey’s sorry, Sir James’ hands foh his $ 50.Hotel Lunch Voucher suggest-shun. She warn-dah-ring what tricks de-two-ah dem up to. She reminds me dat de last time dem two fellars agreed pon something was in Grenada, Grand Ants accord-in to Lie-Za. So hopefully, she expects to see de J.F. Mitchell Airport in Bequia salvage and planes flying again; and refurbishing of de Ottley Hall Mariner dat cost Sir James ah Million Dollars reaching de Privy Council, only to save his good name and maybe ah jail.

Wid dat $ 50. Hotel Lunch Voucher, Sir James would want to see all dem hotels including his, and those stillbirth ones dat ULP started, recommenced and completed, with rooms “Full and Running over!” Dat will be like fool-filling dey promise to employ hundreds of Vincy wukers. In short Sir James’ dream foh dis country, is to see more Jabs wid nuff Jobs flourishing, ah state of intense excitement and happiness. Ah sort ah euphoria.

But while Sir James offering ah man or woman ah $ 50. Hotel Lunch Voucher foh his/her vote sorry Jab, dat figure $ 50. is just about right, except it should not be foh “ah plate ah food” but rather “Job foh Jab.” Since dey supposed to be thousands of Jobs created after de Jabs, how about guaranteeing ah Job foh at least one person in every household who tek de Jab. $ 50. ah day, five days ah week, 50 weeks ah year. Lie-Za willing to tek two Jabs!


Wid dis COVID-19 liking up everybody ah think of my two deceased grand fathers, one white and one black. Bailey de white one, parents were from Ireland, took de black man religion, was de only white Spiritual Baptist Pointer in those days, had his own church at Upper Richmond Hill. He had ”Eyes ah Faith,” Healing Powers too, had ah whole drug store planted in his garden, gave his patients lots ah bush to cure sickness. My black grand-father Alexander, was ah descendant of slaves born and bread on Argyle Estate. He took de white man religion, he was ah Spiritual Leader, ah Major in de Salvation Army. He too was ah Bush Doctor, he gave me all kind con-cock-shun, citrus juice wid honey whenever ah got ill, he would boil up ah set ah bush, ginger, mint, saffron, tambran yuh name it, Bush Doctors in dey own rights, dey never knew anything bout Immune System, but dey would tek one look at you and say: “yuh body need building up.”

While “de Jab Jab fight” over de Vaxers and Aunty-Vaxers continues, dey’s lots ah talk bout building de Immune System or build up yuh body, to fend off dis dreaded COVID-19 Virus. Ah went to check see if dey’s ah list of foods dat could build-up me body. Low and behold ah nearly faint when ah see ah list wid over 50 Items, every conceivable fruit: “Mango, Guava, Paw Paw, Tambran, all de citrus but use ah dust ah baking soda to cut de acid and build yuh alkaline. Ground provision: “Yam eddo, sweet potato, callaloo, breadfruit, banana., See Foods: “black fish, red fish, white fish, spratt etc.” Bush: “ ginger, mint, saffron, sorrel etc.” de list is infinite, Lie-Za is suggesting dat while yuh waiting to mek up yuh mind if yuh teking de Jab, please build-up yuh body by eating all de local Vincy Foods, Exercise and Rest. And wid dat is gone ah gone again,
One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.