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August 21, 2020

Those soothing quotations

When serious things happen, dey’s always ah soothing lickle quotation dat must come to mind. Tek foh example de hot Road March tune on de chart foh de last two weeks “Compulsory Acquisition fo de Murray’s Land in Murray Village.”

What can be more soothing and comforting to de Murrays dan Confucius himself. Dat Fame-most Chinese Philosopher, Politician and Teacher, and I quote: ”What you do not want for yourself, do not do unto others!” And those who love to pick Bible verses to clear we dutty con-shuns, must come face to face wid King Solomon de Wisest and Richest man who ever lived, he said: “What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the Sun”. Give it to Kaisonian Vibrating Scakes, back in 1983 when Scakes heard dat Bible verse read in Anglican Church, he went home and composed ah Kaiso : “Retribution Coming!” Scakes won Kaiso King that year. And when Son Mitchell, den Awe-position Leader heard de Kaiso, he sent and got six copies from Scakes. De very next year, 1984 Sir James won de Elections.

So ah begging Simone Murray, one ah de Villagers best loved baby when she was growing up, she is still loved by de Villagers. As if her troubles were not enuff, de villagers woke up last Sunday morning to hear de sad News dat her brother, Lamont, aka Monty, aka “Yellow-man”, died in ah motor accident in Arnos Vale. Keep de Faith Simone. Le dem all know dat your “Navel-String” bury pond dat same land dat Go-venom-mint want to tek way from yuh, to play pull-it-to-kill rob-in-hood!


Back to de soothing quotations when serious things happen. “Success got too many Friends, but Failure is an Orphan,” To be honest my choice foh renewable enrgy would be Solar. So ah was never excited over de G-O-therminal Project up at Rabbacca. De project developers did not drill an inch in de soil when de ULP Go-venom-mint was prematurely singing praises of success. There was talk about how G-O-terminal Energy was not going to cost us anything because we were getting a grant of US $17 million to effect de project. Earlier or first report was one hole was drilled widout success, but dey were going to continue. De many friends of dis pre-mature successful project, began to shower false praises on de project. Statements like reduction on our Electricity Bills by 2021. Lies!!

Den finally de Too-Too hit de fan. Now dey’s nothing to rejoice about, rather ah lot to be mad about. Dey knew long time dat de project was like ah patient done dead, but secretly kept in de Pull-it-to-kill Intensive Care Unit. But some day de life line had to be pulled and de truth had to be told dat de G-O-terminal Project had become ah double Orphan, mother dead! Father dead!

Patient dead all de lie-in friends gone. Now someone had to deliver ah Eulogy, and who better dah de PM. Ah want to borrow ah few lines from de PM’s Eulogy posted on Kenton Chances’ I-Witness-News, and I quote: “P.M. Ralph Gonsalves has said that while a suitable temperature has been found in the three wells his government has dug on the eastern slopes of La Soufriere volcano as part of the G-O-termal project, the desired level of permeability is absent.” What does dat say? Clearly de project has fallen thru.

Lie-Za likes how Hon. Daniel Cummings sums it up. He accused de Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration of taking de Nay-shun on a “wutliss ride”, say dey exploring for G-O-terminal Energy in the country. And she now wants to hire Kenton Chance to do ah Private Investigation on de disbursement of de US $17 million grant dat we got foh de G-O- terminal Project. Ah ask her how she plan to pay Kenton. She say she hoping de US free de Plane wid de cash and guns dat got SVG on its stop-over!. And wid dat is gone ah gone again
One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.