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May 31, 2013

De reincarnation of Milton Cato???

I believe dat Utter-some is going to win his case in de final anal-assist, and he will have to be compensated. Lie-Za thinks dat Ralph Gone-soft in preparing foh his presentation of Milton Cato’s case foh National Hero, got too deep into de character of Cato, dat his recent miss-behave-yah in dealing wid de Port Wukers and Utter-some, smacks of de Reincarnation of Milton Cato! It was Cato’s regime dat had passed dat repressive Act 16 of 1971, the Public Officers (Conditions of Employment) Act dat was intended to muzzle public servants.{{more}} Item 3 (b) states: “No public officer may contribute to, whether anonymously or otherwise, or publish in any newspaper, magazine etc in SVG or elsewhere, anything which may reasonably be regarded as info or expression of opinion on any matter of a political or administrative nature.” But in 2001 publicservants and teachers defied de 1971 Act, joined wid Ralph and defeated Mitchell, Ralph in 2005 threw dat wicked piece ah legislation out de window, he REPEALED IT wid Act 24 of 2005. So Utter-some was using his Lie-sense under de 2005 Act, when he exposed de inefficiencies and inadequacies ah NEMO, He did not Lie, was not scandalous, he was not inciting mischief or unrest. Utter-spoke Truth and he was well within his constitutional right! NEMO and not OTTO should have been put on trial.

De composition ah de Try-burn-all shows de intention. How yuh go have de DPP laying de charges pon Utter-some, and de Deputy DPP, Colin John presided as Cheerman of de Try-burn-all, where is “ Justice” in dis land. De decision to bring Utter-some guilty was made by ah Di-burn-all acting with loyalty, obey-de-ants and sub-serve-he-hence of ah reincarnated Milton Cato.

Ah always had, and still have greatest respect foh Cecily Saunders, ah former Director of Audit, now ah sister in de Lord. When it comes to Public Service Rules and Regulations and its interpretation, Mrs Saunders is undoubtedly de most knowledgeable member ah de one legged Try-burn-all. Was she who chaired de Vinlec Tribunal. Ah commend her foh dissociating her good name from dat faulty decision.


My wife took one look at de headlines “Clearing the Air” in de Searchlight article on Utter-some last weekend, and it brought back interesting memories. She recalls in 2006, 7 years, 7 weeks and 7 days ago, (she and de Come-red believes in de number “7” ), she had written an article in de News in support ah some of her fellow Teachers who did not receive salaries foh months. She exposed Utter-some’s ULP, and laid blame on de SVGTU which Utter-some headed at de time. So he replied twice in de Papers, March 18 and 25 editions, “Clearing the Air” was how he did put it. Man he took my wife to de cleaners. Ah pacified her by telling her dat Utter-some wants to reach way he going too quickly, and to get dey, he strapped he-self pon de back ah one ah de fastest animals, de Tiger!”

But Utter-some is someone ah have great respect foh. Ah remember how he mortgaged his house to pay foh his BSc Course. But when it was MSc time, Ralph boasted to Lie-Za dat he gave him (Guv-ah-mint) money to go to de UK. De Ministry turned down his application foh ah post Grad schol. Ah believe it was dey and den, Utter-some opted to walk de journey rather dan to ride pon ah Tiger back. He dismounted de Tiger and de beast will not let him rest, de Tiger is now up his co-hernis! Ah might heckle yuh Utter-some, but ah will always support yuh in dis struggle.


Ah never knew dat we had ah Polygraph machine dat could tell when people Lie; Lie-Za remembers it as de Lie-Detect-her. When it was first installed, dey wanted to run some test on small-time Liars, so she had volunteered and dey strap her into ah machine dat measures and records several physiological readings like yuh blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while yuh gave answers to ah list ah questions de interrogator asked. Dey threw ah question pon she dat she can’t answer to dis day, dey asked her: “Do you still butt you boyfriend Lie-Owe?”

She however welcomes de news dat dey upgrading de machine, and she not challenging dem fellars in Par-Lie-ah-mint, but she know all ah dem does sometimes Lie, except dat de sometimes when dey Lie it does sound so close to de truth, she feel dem is still de worse kind ah Lie! So she personally getting ah Lie-detect-her foh de House of Assembly. Den she wants Speaker, Hen-drakes to ask de Pry-Minister if he telling de truth when he say he had absolutely nothing to do wid Utter-some dismissal. Next question is foh de Speaker himself: “Who official add-vice him not to bother wid any cheer foh Hon Dan Cummings to sit pon in de House?” Question No 3 in de name ah Lie-Ze is foh de CEO at Vinlec: “Dis high Few-ill Charge dat consumers paying foh, who really consuming de Few-ill, de consumers or de heavy equipment at Argyle Airport.”

Now she want to set me and Arm-in apart, tell de Speaker to ask Arm-in “ was it one or two glasses ah chicken back’n’neck juice he had to drink from de lady in his constituency?” Ah nearly forget, Lie-Za told me dat when she went foh de Polygraph test, de Big man was in ah next room, and she heard when dey ask him “Answer yes or no, do yuh ‘sometimes Lie’ or is it ‘ Lie sometimes’?” Dey will soon mek she tek de Lie-detect-her test, if she continues to give me these Lie-In questions.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.