Bassy - Love Vine
March 15, 2013
Charge dem foh rape

It seems like we in Sin-vin-sin way ahead ah de world in artificial insemination. Correct me if ah wrong, but ah certain ah heard de Minister ah Hell’t, Clayton bug-in reporting to Par-liar-mint ah story bout eight babies, 11 to 14 years ole giving birth to babies here.{{more}}

Dat sound like if we got some kind ah fertility unit at de Hospital way we successfully produced babies from babies.

Sounds like ah teking ah serious matter and meking joke, but in de first place dat is ah matter foh de Police not de Minister ah Hell’t. Co-mesh-nah Me-Law should ah bin making dat report and stating how de Police investigations going so far.

Now if our girl children 11 years ole not only drawn into having sex, but making babies and dey’s no report of anybody getting arrested and charged foh “rape,” den all fall down in sin-vin-sin. So ah asking de next relevant questions, way all dem ‘publicity clubs’ dem ‘Dis against Crime’ and ‘Council ah dis’ and dem women in everyting doing: ‘Women foh dat, women foh dis, women in dis, women in dat’? Ah guess dey waiting foh de next elect-shun ah officers or de next international con-friends to mek ah statement to further tarnish our country’s image.

Ah not calling pon de Church or Christ-shun council, because ah know dis is de Lentern season, and dey will be quite busy arranging ah belated funeral service foh de risen Christ.

Seems like ah will have to pull Junior Back-us in on yet another one, he is de only one these days dat appears to have ah social conscience. Poor Junior, he means well, he had to bury his ‘’PRESS’ party, forced ripe, it died in child-birth, one ah dem 11 year ole mothers. However dat was his-story. Junior is alive, he saved nice radio in de first round, it sweet Ralph, he wants seconds, hope he know “way sweet goat mouth go hut he bam bam!” Let him play greedy. No sooner Junior got NICE off de hook, he launched de ‘ Co-op small business ting’; and before dat soak in, he had to run over to save Billing-Alone, (no more loans de FSA say). Seriously though, in our society we continue to neglect what is considered de proverbial ‘lickle cuts and bruises’ dat ultimately spread into incurables; it’s called “niping it in de bud!”

Ah begging yuh Junior, get involved! Dis ting wid young, under-age girls having sex and babies is not ah joking matter. Ah went to one ah dem lectures on Cancers, in particular cervical and ovarian cancers in women, and what de doctor was saying or is saying is dat, when de young females, de 11 to 14 years and over, dat having babies today, indulging in multiple sex partners relationships, dey will develop all sort ah complications in dey wombs, chief of which is cancer, cervical and ovarian cancers, and we talking bout young women in dey twenties, Cancers wreaking or reaping havoc today among our young women in Sin-vin-sin. So we have to behave like beast in dealing wid dis situation of babies having babies.

It must be stopped, and to mek ah start, when ah child becomes pregnant, is no time to hush-hush, dis could be ah case ah rape! Ah thorough investigation must be made, Lie-Za say ah might be stepping pon few step-fathers and even fathers corn; oh what ah shame! But de necessary legal steps must be taken; I am told dat de law of incest and ‘age of consent’ is alive and well. So ah begging Lawyer PR Campbell to deal wid dat on his ‘Law and You’ program.

If we fail to punish these degenerates now, in ah few years we will pay ah serious penalty, most likely we could be burying some ah dem innocent young daughters, victims of ah disease inflicted pon dem when dey were at ah tender and helpless stage ah dey life. .

We talk about protecting our women from violence and other acts of crime; well protection could begin when we refuse to protect de criminals who rape dem at 11 and 14 years of age. Lie-Za ask me what ah writing bout dis week, ah told her ah making ah case for de female infants getting raped and becoming pregnant. She told me yes, and remind me to give dem women who love to be in de lime-lights, fame and societal glamour tek over dey soul, dey are comfortable only to go as far as meking and publishing statements of condemnation, but never ready to march up to de Minister responsible foh criminal activities oops, prevent-shun ah criminal activities and demand action. Yes, she say dey want to be Pull-it-tek-ally correct but Spiritually and Morally Flawed.


Lie-Za asking why all of ah sudden, de looking foh another National Hero, how up to now dey can’t even afford to get a decent suit ah clothes foh Chatoyer, till now dey got him, big national hero still in pamp-her.

No statue no nothing, just ah tall concrete pillow at Dashed-her-Hill, how she carry Lie-Owe sister up dey and she was ah-shame, de concrete cracking up and it want painting. Dat probably explains why dey looking foh another Hero. She say dey’s no greater Hero dan de Fisherman and de Farmer who feeds de nation, de Nurses and Doctors who cares foh our sick, de Teachers and so on.

Ley we settle foh Chatoyer, pamp-her and all, de real man who terror-eyes de British and de French in war, not like de “collar and tie”nominees who were nothing but words.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again. One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.