Bassy - Love Vine
March 8, 2013

Relax Sir James

Over de weekend ah looked at Sir James on IKTV program, “Unrendered” and ah realize we need to know way we came from, lest we forget. Is over 30 years since Sir James took office, one has to be close to 40 years ole to appreciate what went down over de years.

Sir James had ah Cabinet ah Novices, no disrespect to men like John Horne, Jerry Scott, Allan Cruickshank et al, all new comers. He had to ask de Carry-beyond Develop-mint Bank (CDB) to release Arm-In to help organize and manage his ministry ah Finance.{{more}} His party grew so popular dat by de next elect-shun he had all 15 seats, no Awe-position; Arm-In was subsequently handed one ah de NDP stronghold, East Kingstown seat in ah platter, replacing Car-Lie Doo-gun. By de time Sir James faced de polls foh de fourth term, he had grown un-pop-yuh-law wid all kind ah questionable projects, Ottley Hall, Union Island Marina, rings ah bell eh, Buccama, Cross Country Road.

In dat elect-shun, he ended up wid ah one seat majority. Sir James’ ministers had grown up and become men, rude and giving him back chats. On de Awe-position side, Sir Vin-Sin stepped aside and made an accommodation foh Guns-off who, was never able to show ah good standing in his own hometown, he became leader ah de ULP. He was Guns-have back den and was shooting wid blazing guns from both hips.

Sir James was always ah Sir Nansi-I, and he cents dat de end of his career was drawing nigh, and he had no intention to bow out in disgrace. So midway in de turbulent channel during his fourth term, he had no choice dan to step aside and hand over de ship to Arm-In to captain.

Wid-in six months Arm-in was forced to seek ah fresh man-date; he barely held on to his seat on de mainland, while Friday and Olliverre won easily in de Grenadines, ah territory dat Sir James controlled foh over 30 years.

Arm-in brought ah new style of Awe-position politics to Par-liar-mint; “he spoke de truth and spoke it ever cost it what it will;” de cost was heavy but is now paying dividends. He was fortunate not to be in office at ah time when de recession evaded Guns-have who has gradually become Guns-soft.

Arm-In, notwithstanding his decent and above board style ah politics, has reduced de lead from ULP12, NDP 3 to ah narrow 8-7 majority. De ship is now in mid stream again, exactly as it was twelve years ago when he took office, except the tide is in his fear-fah. Sir James is calling foh his scalp, but Sir James is ah Bequia, sea-captain and he knows yuh don’t change captains in de middle ah de ocean. He tried it 12 years ago, to de detriment ah his party.

Deys ah time when ah uses to criticize Sir James’ politics, not anymore, he has proven himself better dan de rest by far. Ah was ah couple forms ahead ah Arm-in at Grammar School; can’t forget him physically, at twelve years of age he was beginning to bald; ah worked wid him in de public service, ah will give him full marks for being honest and straight. Ralph says dat he, Ralph lies sometimes, but not all de time.

Arm-In does not lie and he is getting his supporters to gravitate to his policy. MY girl who can’t tek Arm-In’s style says, he brought de ship thru de rough seas, if he fails to dock up de ship in dis kind ah good weather, way de tide is in his fear-fah, den she personally will go to Ratho Mill and kick his A…. Out!


De thermometer went below freezing on Tuesday when de news of de death of President Chavez of Venezuela shock de world, even though it was sort ah expected. Chavez was ah friend “indeed” of Pry-Minister Gonsalves and ah friend “in Deed” of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He headed ah country dat was oil rich and he was willing to use de resources of his country to improve de lives of less fortunate countries, SVG being top ah de list.


While we are enthused picking another National Hero, ah person whom we totally disregarded in life when we had an opportunity to show appreciation, but failed to so do; I beg for some attention for de Miss Heritage 2011.

Ah begging de noble and respectable and caring ladies of de Committee to step in and save our daughter. Dis is ah young girl dat is hurting, I am not ah counselor to know, but ah bin around for quite ah while. De lickle bits and pieces ah got tells me dat she has been short-changed, she needs Love and affection, which apparently she was denied. Dem kind ah rebellious behave-yah is saying one ting, she needs Attention.

She has tried on her own, she had to be talented to win de Miss Heritage Show, but de show is over, ladies of de committee, kindly take her off stage and get her on track, get her de needed help “DE PRIZE” before we all live to say “Oh if ah did know.”

And wid dat is gone ah gone again,

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.