Bassy - Love Vine
February 15, 2013
Leave Theresa Francis name out ah dis

Looks like de way de cookie crumbling, Building ‘n’ Loan will soon become Building Alone. Name ah call but de real names dem dat suppose to get called getting protect-shun. Arm-in started it off on Monday at his Press Conference, when he buss ah boulie and said dat de PM’s Mom withdrew her money from de Association, ah few months before de FSA took over Building Alone. Dat statement made Ralph look inconsistent, since he had gone and deposited de weirdo’s mite to show con-fee-dents in B& L, and invited de nation to do like-wise or like-foolish.{{more}}

De next day, Tuesday, de PM was driven into full-some wrath and responded by half opening de real boulie: “One company (no name) borrowed three million dollars, dey was no corporate resolution to so do and no insurance on de loan. Two daughters (no names) of ah leading board member (no name either) borrowed $200, 000.00; de Deeds not registered; ah leading Board Member (no name) borrowed six hundred thousand, purpose of loan unknown! Ah major figure in management (no name) borrowed $ 971, 043. 00; ah former member ah de NDP Administration (no name) borrowed $548, 863.00; another former NDP member (no name) borrowed $200, 000.00, didn’t pay ah cent foh 11 years!” And de Saga goes on and on.

Lie-Za noticed dat he mentioned “ah former NDP member twice” and no party connection foh de majority, she betting me all ah dem is ULP; hence de reason why no names were men-shuned.

Now when people hear all ah dis expose’ from de Pry-Minister, why would anyone wid ah lickle savings at Building Alone not want to remove his/her money, instantainously. And dat is exactly what Theresa Francis did, she must have heard something thru de Love Vine oops, Grape Vine late last year, dat could ah urged her to withdraw HER one million dollars (is hers).

Only Theresa Francis knows how hard her husband, Smiles buss his back-side driving bus, wuking mountain lands den tun round trafficking, sleeping pon dem Ram Goat vessels widout engines, to mek his money, ah million in dem days would ah finish de Airport up to Colonarie.

So why should she lef it dey foh dem Ras-calls squander it all away. Theresa Francis did absolutely nothing wrong, her name is not on de Building Alone Black List, she should be complimented and not be drawn into de confusion.

Yes she happens to be de mother ah de Pry-Minister, who cry foul and call Arm-in nasty foh dragging his mother’s name into de Run-off. Lie-Za say when yuh see de Come-red swear dat he knows nothing ‘bout his mother’s trans-act-shun, dat yuh must check out!

Nah forget dah he did say in Par-liar-mint dat he does lie sometimes, but not all de time. Ah will ask Luke, he seems to be de only honest one left.

Ah will be disappointed in Ralph, if he did not play “white angel” and tell his mother way go down, and add-vice her to “mek ah early run fast,” because if my mother had her life savings at an Institution dat gone sour, and was about to lose it all, I and I, One Love was going to tek her book and “mek ah early run” and draw off every cent.

So ley we stop making Theresa Francis ah scape-goat and go foh de white colour creaming-all, de “no names” dat de PM didn’t call. Lie-Za calling foh ah full scale enquiry into de operations ah de Building Alone Board of Management.

And since Arm-in is who started de name calling, she telling him to release de same set ah “no names” dat his “Black Ain’gel” sent him, de no names dat Ralph kept as top secret. And she saying she notice de Pry-Minister talk ah lot bout Fren-Fren operation in Building Alone, she wants to know who are de three Fren-Fren Board Members who form ah Fren-Fren Recovery Company to sell-out defaulters properties at Building Alone; dat is way need to be exposed.

She tun E-con-ah-miss talking bout how Building Alone finances are in keeping wid de country’s E-con-ah-me, three years ah losses matching SVG’s three years ah negative growth. Her last question is dat de Guv-ah-mint must provide de statistics on de failure of all de financial institutions, including de offshore Sector during de last ten years. And she was very impressed two weeks ago when de PM decided to register his con-fee-dense in Building Alone by depositing $20, 000.00 into de B & L Fun; how it all reminds her of de lickle nursery rhyme:

“Lickle Jack Horner, who sit in de corner, eating his Christmas Pie; he put in (deposited) his thumb ($20, 000.00) and pull out ah Plum, (ah million) saying what ah one-dah-full boy am I. Den he said to de de nation “just follow I.”

And wid dat is gone ah gone again. One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.