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August 17, 2012
David de Shepherd boy is back

Bolt is de greatest, ah Legend and an inspiration foh us all. He and Blake and all de other Carry-Beyond Athletes are like ah gift from de Lord to Carry-Beyond People, in particular our confused and misguided Youths, could I say our Black Youths? Why not, dis is about Race: 100m, 200m, 4x100m, 400m and de field events too.

Dis brings me to de sense-say-shun-all performances ah two ah de youngest Athletes, Carry-Beyonians of course, at de London Olympics, Key-ran-he James, de 19 year ole 400m Gold Medal winner from Grin-Ada and, Cash-on Walcott, also 19 years ole from Trinny-dad-he-toe-big-oh, dis rare specimen of humanity is de youngest “ever” Javelin champion in de history ah de Olympics!{{more}}

Foh over 60 years de Javelin was man-ah-pull-eyes by de Europeans, not even de mighty US could ah break dat spell, but dis young lad made light wuk ah de raining two-time Olympic Champion, de World Champion and current European Champion; if dat is not ah reincarnation ah David and Go-lie-at, den tell me what is.

My girl Lie-Za say she hear de man pon BBC say dat, Cash-on Walcott’s feat was de greatest shock to de British since Guy Fox gun-powder plot to blow up Par-liar-mint in 1601. Note ah said “Lie-Za say!”


Nuff respect to Pry-minister Calm-Law Best-is-her foh de way she Rewarded Cash-on Walcott: Ah Cash gift ah one million TT $$, divide dat by two if yuh talking real money; ah house valued at $2.5 million, yes TT$$ again: half acre ah land in Toco his home town, Toco is like Sandy Bay or Owia, which reminds me ah poor Pamenos Ballantyne.

Remember when ULP took office how dey were “hot’n’ sweat” to right all de “Hysterical Wrongs,” dey were not meking Sport, dey gave out Dip-low-ma-take Par-Sport to some personalities in Sport, namely Pamenos, Skiddy and Nixon; dey were de first and de last, because ah Vincy Par-Sport is Big Bucks, especially ah Sit-to-sin Par-Sport dat Aims for ah Book-Amor stamp.

Yuh can’t beat our big-man, he’s just good when it come to Pull-it-tek-all Cost-met-allergy. He beat back Owe-bam-her.

Ah was telling Lie-Za how de comedians mek joke ah Owe-bam-her say, he went in ah Bar and ordered drinks on de house, when time to pay, he opened his wallet and had only nuff money to pay foh 10 beers; and de joke? Was de first time Owe-bam-her realized he been spending money dat he ain’t got!

She wid she Lie-in self say, is de same way our Big Man went up Sandy Bay to share out lands, order drinks on de house foh everybody, and when time to pay, he didn’t have ah Red Cent in his pocket, he told de shop-keeper to wait ah while; den he went over to de Tie-One-knees Arm-buss-ah-door and said to him: “ My brother Arm-buss-ah-door, I beg just one last fare-fah, but can yuh come to de rescue on dis one, ah have Ne-Mo cash on me!”.

She ain’t know when to stop lie, she wants me to write say she see Sell-Boy Walters in town wid ah soot-case ah US$ and C’da $$ heading foh deBank. Den she asking me if ah think is de collection he picked up wid de ‘Beggar Bowl’ at de Vincy Picnic in Toronto, foh de Airport. Is ah good ting ah saw Walters in town wid his two long MT Hands.


Ah don’t know how to swallow dis one but Lie-Za say she saw ah photo ah de SVG Olympic Team, and it was over-subscribed wid officials, two officials per athlete. Kudos to de Swimming Association, de youngster who represented SVG at de Olympics did enough to inspire de growing number ah young enthusiastic swimmers in training. And G.E.M “Garth” Saunders, first an Athlete den an Engineer was in his usual spanking form last week, in an article stating de no-case foh ah sin-dah track at Arnos Vale. Well Garth, yuh missing de pint, de track will go to Arnos Vale, foh de same stupid reason de Carnival (permanent) Mas Tents were started, den shelved and finally abandoned like ah Red Elephant, where?

At de same Arnos Vale. Any project dat is likely to cut into Arm-in votes in Arnos Vale, justifies itself.

However Gart has thrown cold but refreshing water on all ah we who felt dat de success of our Athletes is hinged primarily on ah sin-dah track. In fact, according to Gart, Usay’n Bolt and other Jah-mek-her stars train on grass all de time. De difference between Bolt and other Jam-mek-her athletes on one hand, and SVG’s is dat dey are more Disciplined, Committed, and Wuk Hard to reach way dey are. And Keith Joseph laments dis fact all de time: “Our Athletes lack de Discipline, Dedication and right Attitude when it comes to training.” And dis ill and in-disciplined approach to training, seems to be de main reason why we, or SVG will never produce ah Key-ran-he James or ah Cash-on Walcott at nineteen years ole. One suggestion coming from Lie-Za is, no more Joy Rides foh Athletes whose standard is below de Games qualifying time.

De second suggestion is ah waste ah time, something bout Guv-ah-mint providing our Athletes wid proper training facilities, and we talking bout de basic grass tracks.

And wid dat, is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.