Bassy - Love Vine
May 27, 2011
Another badventist past-her

De talk about reincarnation came up and Lie-Za was listing de names ah persons she wanted to come back as, pure big shots. So ah told her dat many years ago, dey was ah Kaiso on dat same topic, composed by de Mighty Spoiler, one ah de greatest Kaisonians coming out ah T’n’T; when it come to imagination, de Mighty Spoiler was de greatest “imaginator”.{{more}}

In his Kaiso he wanted to come back as ah Bed Bug “to bite dem young ladies pardnah”. Den ah told her dat my cousin Junior say, he want to come back as one ah dem rocks pon de Villa Beach, to see what will happen when dem girls sit down pon he.

Ah tell her when ah die ah want to move on, ah don’t want to come back dis side foh all de tea in China.

Jokingly ah told her dat Mighty Spoiler wanted to be an Insect, Cousin Junior ah Rock on de beach, maybe she could think of becoming ah Mammal like ah Bat.

Dat interestingly, ah just got ah e-mail on ah “Bat” from Cheryl Fills-King, ah punning pon de middle name, she is from de Phylls family out ah Villa Hill. Her hubby is Dr Balwyn King, ah scientist/professor/whatever, to be honest some years ago he did, with great reluctance and modesty, give me ah run-down ah what his field ah expertise was, is nuff thing behind his name, too much foh my ole brain to remember, but nuff to mek yuh proud ah Vincy.

Yes Cheryl sent me dis clip way Bat researchers have discovered new species on St. Vincent island. It reads: “Research has uncovered what was necessary for an uncommon hybrid species of Bats to thrive where other mammal hybrids have failed”. Lower down de article says: “Sometime in the last 30,000 years or so, two separate bat species colonized the Caribbean and converged on islands in the southern Lesser Antilles.

One came from Mexico while the other traveled from northern South America.

They likely met a third species already there, and all were genetically similar enough to mate and create a rare progeny in mammals – a viable hybrid that could reproduce and was larger and more robust than its parent species”. Dey even naming de Bat after our Garifuna people, de blended culture of Carib, Arawak and West African people.

Lie-Za was impressed but can’t see herself coming back as ah Bat, she say dey does roam all night and sleep upside down all day.

Ah told her dat ole people say de reason why Bat got to sleep upside down, is because it did tun E bottom up to heaven to disrespect God. She tell me in dat case, ley NDP use it when dey reincarnate, dat must be de same Bat Sir James used to “Bat but don’t score”! She say dat “NDP Bats” will counter well wid “ULP Rats”!

However she insisted dat ah must say what ah want to be when ah come back hey. So she started to bait me: “How bout if yuh get to come back as Prime Minister, yuh don’t have to tell lies, and yuh don’t have to get up four-day-marning say yuh drink Andrews live-her salts”, she said. “Not interested “ ah told her.

“How bout ah Speaker in de House” she asked, “de only problem is, yuh will have to move around in ah wheel-chair, dey using beer to mek face and jelly to mek spine foh dem Speakers now-ah-days”!

Ah kept on listening because ah know is something she want to get off she stum-ache.

“Ah!” she said, “ah know what yuh will really like to come back as, something religious”. Ah seeing mischief all over she face.

“How bout ah Badventist Past-her”, she asked. “All yuh got to do is be like Bro. Fill-Hip who lef de pull-pit and Fill-Hop de Ambassador poze in Canada. Or yuh could dress-up in de most expensive suits and walk town street daily like Bro Ed’s son, mucho Gusto; mek de women-nicer, and Miss Behave wid de woman-I-saw”!

To be honest her suggestion sounded tempting. “Ley me ask yuh one question” ah said to her. “What do I get in exchange foh my Soul”? Lie-Za got answers to questions dat ain’t mek yet; she said to me: “De PM will send yuh to Wash-in-town as another”… same time ah interrupted her and said: “As another Ambassador”. She shook she head from left to right: “No! No ! yuh will be ah Madventist”!

My apologies to de genuine Seventh Day Adventist, no disrespect meant at all!

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.