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February 11, 2011

Mr Prime Minister dey angry

Last ting first. Ah just want to Big-up Dr Steven Nanton, a Vincentian born, US trained doctor, ah Gastroenterologist, dah’s ah big word, ah mouth-full foh when belly-full. He deals wid tings to do wid de Belly, diagnosing and treating diseases from de throat to de anus. Our son ah de soil is one of de three top guns in his field in de USA. Carib descendant, his father is Nanton, who uses to wuk at Corea’s Lumber Dept; he had another doctor son dat got shot and killed in Jah-mek-her!{{more}} Steven however is a powerful young man in de US, and dis power is not used foh self ah-grand-dis-mint, but foh his beloved homeland. He was able through ah Foundation, to get different organizations and firms in de US, to donate a hell of ah piece ah expensive equipment dat if dis country was asked to buy it, dey would ah repeat way Minister Slater did say bout de Dial-assist machine. Not only dat, Dr Nanton was also able to get ah ten-member team ah experts to come here to set up de equipment, examine some 240 patients, plus begin training local personnel, Dr Nedd et al. Nanton and others will be back periodically to expand on de program. And how much did it cost SVG? Not ah red oops, yellow cent! Thank you Doc. And ah want to Big-up our Police foh ah display ah professional conduct during de NDP protest march on Tuesday. It was obvious dat de Police is sense-ah-thief to way going on, it’s about two men’s Ego! and had nothing to do wid de Police. De people are angry and as long as dey conduct dem-selves within de Law, den by all means let dem vent dey frustrations and anger peacefully.


Ralph is smarter dan Arm-in to go on vacation. Dey are both battle-weary pull-it-to-kill-he, men-tell-he and fizz-ah-kill-he. Dey been going at it foh de last ten years, non-stop! When is not elections, is de aftermath, protests and Petitions; when is not Petitions is Law-suite; when it ain’t Law-suite is Colli Pros, den Riff-around-dem and den back to Elections! De last Elections results reminds me ah de Mighty Leader Kaiso, “Two party run and none ah dem win”! ULP won de battle by one seat, but lost four of its key fortresses in Kingstown and Leeward; NDP lost de battle but captured de four ULP forts. Lie-Za say is like ah pair-ah-ducks, Ralph sorry he win and Arm-in glad he lose! She say Ralph got de country bordering bank-rupt-see, foh sure he no longer has ah Bank; Banana is as good as dead, he didn’t actually kill Banana, but he boasted he had de plan to save it. De Airport is like ah patient wid a rare blood type, and only ah lickle drop ah blood available in de blood bank to keep it alive. She insists we need dat Airport but Gonsalves biggest stress, is dat it will tek much longer dan 2012 to finish, and he will be gone and forgotten by den. Now to add insult to injury, de LIAT dat he placed his last penny (millions) pon, continues to lose money ($15m.) big time; and as if dat is not enough, de Caribbean Airlines out ah T’n’T is now threatening to fly LIAT routes. CLICO or British American continues to haunt Guv-ah-mints. She beg me don’t write what she think will happen to de people who invested wid dem. Den she say, don’t worry wid Arm-in, when he see all ah Ralph headache, he does mek de sign ah de cross and say “Thank God ah lose”. And she say he needs to go pon ah Recheat oops Retreat!


Ah ask Lie-Za way mek de protestors so angry dat de cuff and kick-up de Firer Truck and den tried to tun it over? She had ah dozen reasons. She say dat Nollie, Colli Pros too much ah dem cases. She say to let de people see justice run its course; and den as if dat is not enough power, de PM say is de DPP ask to amend de Criminal Code Procedure Bill dat has to first satisfy de DPP dat yuh have ah case . Den she say she and all was angry when she watch how de minister See-Saw beat up he chest, say : “ I am de Minister ah Tour-is-him, and dat is ah fact, and nobody will tell me how to spend my money”, she wondering how statesmen like Sir Vin-Sin feel about such arrogance; Sir Vin in his humility and wisdom, step aside and made it possible foh ULP to gain power. She say people must angry because Nature was not lying when he reminded de House dat de ULP dem did say how dey go hunt down de youth men and dem in de hills till dey no longer exist; yet de PM jump on a pint ah odour, and say he never said dat. And de Speaker mek Nature withdraw his words. Ah ask de same Lie-Za how come de Fire Truck never got water to out real fire, but dey could find water to come intimidate protestors. She say ah don’t overs, when de Firemen came and dey heard party music, dey decided was ah waste ah time wetting down de people, dey would ah enjoy it like another Wet Fete.

De Tourist boat was in foh de action, and de tourists were happy, despite way Boy Beach say bout de protest was nigger-thief publicity. Lie-Za met ah woman tourist and apologized foh de bad seen on de roads. De woman rebuked her and tell her she enjoyed it all; how so far, SVG was de most exciting stop. She got some good shots ah de March, she was dey waiting to capture de Fire Truck if it had toppled; she even got one of herself holding ah placard dat read “ Kill de Bill”, she taking it back foh her husband to see, he name Bill! And wid dat ah gone again!

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.

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