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September 24, 2010
Sir James bats again

Elections is at our door-step so watch out foh dem pull-it-to-kill tongue slipping.

Is like Sir James open de batting wid ah blistering start, punctuated wid ah passionate statement dat he wouldn’t trust Jesus Christ if he was in charge ah de next general elections. He was subsequently rebuked but not con-dem by skipper Arm-In. In matters pertaining to Christian civil-lies-I-say-shun, Arm-In is more conscious dan Ralph and Sir James, he is simply ah God-fearing Leader.{{more}} Yuh would never hear Arm-in talking foolishness bout “de only reason why yuh should not vote foh me, is if de alternative face is de face of Jesus Christ” or “if I wuk Owe-byah, I wuk Owe-byah foh de Lord”. De Apostle Paul dealt harshly wid ah Owe-byah man, E-lie-mus, Paul called him “ah child ah de devil, an NME of Salvation, full of all sorts ah deceit and trickery”!

But Sir James’ statement is unfortunate, after all dis is still ah Christian society way Jesus Christ is de Pillar and Pillow of Christianity. De disciple John, one of Jesus’ closest buddy, documented ah lot ah statements dat Jesus made, John quotes Jesus Christ as saying dat “those of us who do not believe (or trust) in Him (Jesus) stands condemned already.” So Sir James, reflected deeply and was back on NICE Radio to confess his wrong, he apologized and basically asked forgiveness. Ah met him at C.K. Greaves supermarket de very next day after his Friday night-mare, we talked about his great passion and vision foh introduction of ah cocoa industry here; we talked over de infamous statement. He agreed dat what he said was out-ah-line and dat he would deal wid dat; den in his jovial, Sir Nansi-I style, summed it all up using his controversial cricketing language, still batting, he said: “My bat hit de wickets”!

Ah lot ah we love to play most righteous and run we mouth pon others when dey slip as did Mitchell and Gonsalves, some ah we gone beyond mek-ah-slip, we done slide way. My personal feelings is dat more of our leaders need to have ah interpersonal relationship wid Jesus Christ. Dey need to know his feeling on matters like Elections and Obeah, and whose face looks like Jesus and de power of faith in de touching ah His garments. However dey’s hope through forgiveness foh all of us who fall short; one Prophet put is bluntly: “de Lord will listen to our cries, providing we humble we-selves and tun from our wicked ways, den He will forgive us and heal our country”. Sir James, who will always be seen as de Big Man in de business, has led de way, he humbled up and sought forgiveness; now it’s de time foh Gonsalves and his echo-lights to follow. Lie-Za must put in her two sense bit, she say: “Ah ha, Sir James bats again, dis time he scores”!


I does get some phone calls from people all over de world is not funny. Late de other night ah Vincy lady living up North, phoned to tell me her whole life is now committed to de wuks of de Lord. She is now high in de spirit and gets serious visions. Interestingly when Buckey Boyea passed away she had de priviledge to witness his arrival in Heaven where Jesus welcomed him with open arms. Foh de benefit ah believers, Buckey had accepted Christ as his saviour before he left us foh Heaven. Ah might add dat someway up in Heaven is ah place foh Buckey’s sister Ann when her time comes. Ann has ah heart of gold when come to giving to de needy. Ah hope Lie-Za does not read dis and go bothering Ann.

While ah dey pon de Boyeas, ah visited Aunt Jobe new Supermarket at Arnos Vale, ah brilliant effort by Ken and his son Luke, ah give dem ah 10 out ah 10. De Architect, Moulton Mayers out-did himself dis time, congrats! Things could ah bin much better foh dis country if we had more patriots like Ken Boyea. And if our people had invested some ah dem thousands wid Clico and British American, did invest dey money and create business right hey, refining our Farine and Our-root, processing and canning our Fish and fruits. I have been buying de frozen juices, Paw Paw, Mango, Sour Sop from de food packaging project at Lauders, excellent products but de business crying out foh an injection of funds.

Ah was told dat “Aunt Jobe” (deceased) is ah real person of significance to de Boyea family, Daddy’s Tantie. She was de head cook at Government House and lived someway near Grand Gate /Gibson Corner area. Ken’s father, Ole man Boyea, nephew was ah boarder at her home, ah overs Lock Roberts also lived wid her too. Foh sure, Ole man Boy must have had good nourishing food, how else do yuh explain all dem scholarship wid good looks, nah forget Mother was ah woman of great beautiful. But is Betty de Ambassador, Keith and Cally millionaire businessmen, Ann Hotelier, Ken de Maverick. Lie-Za say it’s in de diet, Papa Boyea and de Administrator uses to eat from de same pot. But Aunt Jobe was no ordinary cook, so sweet was her hands dat one Administrator wife in particular, wrote down all ah Aunt Jobe’s recipe after recipe, and she took dem back to England. Lie-Za been eaves dropping, Aunt Jobe is going far-reign too, de next stop is in Curacao. Go foh de skies Ken!


Haz Samuel is another Ken Boyea in his own rights. His product We-electricity, ah social network dat promotes household Energy Efficiency through behavioral nudges, is ranking fifth place wid just over 2300 entries. We can increase dat number, please go on de internet and vote HYPERLINK “” before Thursday next week. Ah vote foh Haz is ah vote foh We Vincy. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.