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February 12, 2010

Ah necklace foh Jomo

Ah had planned to challenge Commissioner Me-Law wid de way he seems ready to leygo his three convicted officers foh de wolves to nyam dem up, but poor Me-Law hands more dan full dis week, de wolves and dem want to nyam he up. Bro. Keith boy if dis is any consolation, ‘behind de darkest cloud is de brightest cloud’.{{more}}

But ah will still dwell on de Court Case dat everybody affirms is ah “Landmark Decision”. Ah read way de three Police Officers will appeal, so de matter will go another round. Whatever de outcome, it does not prevent anyone from saying dat after de first round, Mad-is-straight Don Browne, DPP Colin Williams and Lawyer Jomo Thomas have restored in de nation some assurance dat SVG’s motto “Peace and Justice” is foh real, and we must be vigilant. When de PMC, led by Oscar and Jomo did stage de protest outside ah de Police Headquarters, calling foh an end to Police brutality, it was only ah handful dah did come out to join forces and brave de hot-sun and de possibility of getting victim-eyes. It was ah demonstration fo PEACE dat brought JUSTICE.

Ah remember quite well when de three Officers were charged, Deputy Commissioner Pump-pee scared de hell out ah me, when he made ah public statement saying that it was only ah matter ah time before de men dem will be set free. So even Pump-pee must be embarrassed foh sticking his neck so far out dey.

But if we going neck “n” neck, den we got to give Jomo ah Necklace, because early o-clock Jomo did put his neck on de line foh de fifteen year ole victim; dis was after he tried and failed to have charges laid against another (ghost) Officer who did slap Kaisonian Ipa. And while de others been necking around, DPP Colin Williams put not only his neck, but his credibility and integrity on de line and dealt wid de Case as only Priscilla and Carlton would have taught him. And my cousin Don Browne, de Mad-is-straight showed maturity, wisdom and vision when he imposed ah $ 1,500 fine and not ah custodial sentence on the three Officers. Yes de evidence showed way de Offices were painfully cruel to de lad, and everybody was calling foh an “eye foh an eye” justice in return, but has it ever occurred to us dat these misguided and frustrated young Officers, might very well need more medical help dan de victim dey almost destroyed? I believe so and ah feel dat Deputy Pump-pee, note ah not harassing Me-Law, should seek psyche-ah-trick help foh his men in whom he had implicit trust.


Ah immediately sprang into ah panic on Monday night when ah heard on de News dat Ordan Graham, de deputy leader of de Green Party was in an accident on de Argyle New Road, dat haunted area way dey dug up dem dead people and unceremoniously dump dey remains in holes above de Highway. No prayers no nothing, when one family member requested dat I be present when dey exhume my God-mother’s remains, de authority adamantly stated: “Nobody is allowed, in particular Bassy!” I am afraid dat If dey don’t go and have those remains properly relaid to rest, nuff tings go happen up dey.

De first ting ah wanted to find out wid de accident, was if Ordan alive. Lately Ordan, me and MatthewThomas have developed ah nice bond and Band too. Occasionally we would pull out our instruments and just turn up uninvited sometimes, at funerals and play lively music at de Graveside. Matthew’s Brother-in-law, Bernard John named de Trio “Matthew and de Bassylonians” and John Horne calls us: “ Bassy and de Grave-diggers”! But apart from de music, we have quite ah bit in common, our Faith, our Pull-it-tek-all views and best of all, we are de Prime Minister’s mouthwash. Under de ULP administration, Ordan has escaped charges of see-dish-on and Matthew was less lucky, he was charged foh Lie-bill; of course, dey gunning foh I but dey cant catch I. Man who Jah bless??

Ordan is ah Pull-it-he-shun, Mr Green Party himself, way he and de leader I-fan Own-heel lack in membership, dey have in placards and posters. De Green Party vehicle is like ah mobile headquarters, read de signs and posters on dat Green Truck and yuh know de Party Man-ah-fete-so.

However, was ah Red Jeep dat rammed into de Green Truck, and it’s ah write-off but Ordan got away wid only ah twisted ankle, much better dan ah twisted mind. De Green vehicle is in tack but all de posters (headquarters) mash-up! Lie-Za tek one look at de photos of de scene, and straight away she put two and two and get five, she say: “ Imagine de Reds say dey so strong, dey ram into de Greens and self destruct, how on earth dey go handle de Yellows? And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.