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November 27, 2009

Humble or tumble and cumble

What ah Riff-around-dem, it was dirty, it was corrupt with deception and lies, abuse ah state funds and state employees, it was more about men’s pride, E-go and greed foh power. De Riff-around-dem was not about Constitution but about Ralph and Arm-in, about ah Guv-ah-mint dat has lost touch ah de people, ah leader whose ultimate purpose in every ting he does is to remain in power. De results is not ah Vote No but ah Vote of No con-fee-dence in de ULP Administration.{{more}}

What is unfortunate is dat once again, the Church and not just de Christian Council has failed de people again. In dis exercise some of our most influential Church Leaders, Televandalists included took to de print and electronic media to give full support foh one side (de Vote Yes) over de other (de Vote No); an unprecedented position expected of any Church. Ah wonder how many ah dem have sold dey soul in de process, or looking foh position outside de regular church role.

But we all have to acknowledge dat De Real Big Man, de God of dem very pastors and of de people is never asleep. He has spoken thru de people and we, not Arm-In or de NDP have won. De results of dis Riff-around-dem is sending ah signal to present, as well as aspiring leaders, dey must Humble dem-selves or Tumble and Crumble. Dis Land has to be Healed and Healing begins wid Humility, it’s all in de Book of Chronicles. As God’s people, we must Humble ourselves and pray, seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways, den He will forgive us, He will hear from Heaven and our Land will be Healed! Maybe de Lord is telling us dat de proposed Constitution did not pay nuff attention to de Healing and Deliverance of His people, and we must revisit it.


My belief is dat one day we will get ah Constitution that will be ah resounding Yes. But first de present crop ah leaders would have taken dey exit, mek way foh ah new dispensation, ah new brand ah leadership dat will spring up from among de God-fearing in heart and not wid lips, de Lord will deliver unto dem our Constitution like He did foh His people, de children of Israel when He took dem out of de hands of ah wicked Fear-oh. Dey’s no need to hurry down ah document dat frees de people from one end and enslaves us at de other. Ah listened to, and read all de add-vices from our “Quick Fix, Fast Food Pundits”. Comments from all and sundry, in full endorsement foh de urgency to accept de Proposed Constitution: “Dis is ah once in ah life time opportunity foh all of us… Our children’s children will never forgive us if we don’t accept it… If not now when”.

I am reminded of de Children ah Israel, enslaved foh four hundred years, cried to God foh Freedom. No sooner dey were set Free and left Egypt, dey started to come-plain and rebel. When food and water ran out dey threatened dey leader, Moses: “ carry we back” dey said. Moses consulted wid God, and God told Moses dis was de time to test dey level ah understanding and appreciation of dis whole X-a-dust, de time to see if dey ready foh de Ten Commandments and de accompanying Jewish Laws, dey New Constitution. So God told Moses “I will give dem water, when dey go to de stream where dey’s none, yuh Moses go to de Rock and strike it; and when dey dig into de ground foh food way dey’s none, ah will pour it down from de sky”. So said so done “water from de Rocks and Manna from de sky”. But de Children ah Israel showed no understanding or appreciation, dey remain divided, kept rebelling and come-plaining and God kept dem in de Wilderness going back and forth, round and round foh forty years, ah journey dat would ah normally taken forty days. Dey couldn’t get it together, so He kept dem out dey till all de instigators, de deceivers, de liars, de trick-Stars die-out, every one ah dem from de Ole Brigade. And is just so, if we don’t get it together, or, until we get it together, is de same ting go happen to us, dem who set dem-selves up as Moses and Aaron, all who fighting to re-invent de wheel, to create His-story will pass on. De story of the journey across de wilderness has ah beautiful ending, Moses didn’t make it across, he had his moments ah misgivings wid God, he was only allowed to get ah glimpse ah de Promise Land, dat honour was given to Joshua, ah young man from de New Generation. One day, when both sides turn from our wicked ways, de Lord will hear us and give us another Joshua and ah Constitution and most of all “He will heal our Land”. And de PM must “personally bring back de singer, Busy and give de nation, de winner, de holiday on Monday as promised.


Ah refuse to end dis article widout congratulating Kamal Woods who has been awarded ah Rhodes Scholarship. His mom, ah Community Health Nurse wid her Masters Degree, was victim-eyes and had to tek early retirement and go far-reign, But she did ah one-dah-ful job wid Kamal and his brother also an Island scholar, bringing dem up in de fear of de Lord. Keep going in Jesus name, Kamal! And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.