Bassy - Love Vine
July 18, 2008
Who E Hut E Hut!

This week de ULP scored big wid ah double, two scent-tree. Scent-tree number one is de matter way de Lawyers foh de female Police officer in de alleged rape case against de Prime Minister, had appealed de High Court’s ruling in fear-fah de DPP’s decision to throw out or discontinue the Case. Well de OECS Court of Appeal say de DPP was correct. De PM’s Lawyer, Mr Ah-stop-pan claims dat de PM’s name has been vindicated, so technically de PM won de second leg in de case. From day one ah said two things bout dat Case. One was, if de PM ain-no-saint den he got nothing to hide, let de matter be heard in Courts and free his name once and foh all. Look how de ting dragging on.{{more}}

And secondly, ah said dat neither side will accept ah decision by de Courts in de Caribbean dat is not in dey fear-fah. One way or de other dis case will end up at de Privy Council, and ah bet is dey de Lawyers foh de Policewoman heading.

De second scent-tree dat ULP scored is de official soil breaking of de Argyle Airport last Sunday. Only yesterday morning (Tuesday) ah went to see de family off at E.T. Joshua Airport, and right at de front desk, visitors heading back to far-reign, were having trouble confirming connection wid dey international flights. Every body was complaining and singing one tune, “dey can’t wait foh de Airport to finish”, and like dey were saying “whatever de cost, bring it. Who E Hut E Hut”!

So we look forward to de completion ah de Argyle Airport. Hats off to dem who start um and hats off to dem who will finish um, let’s just hope dat who Start Um will find de money to Finish Um, because de Opposition Leader, quoting from ah study done by Stewarts’ Engineering, say dat it will cost over ah billion dollars, dat’s twice de amount de PM budge-it-in fah. Dis is de biggest project ever, and when we look at how smaller projects like de Mas Camp in Arnos Vale, stuck! de Cross Country Road, stuck! and de Stadium, stuck? No, dat can’t even start, one can’t help asking how and way we getting dis billion dollars to complete Argyle in de next three years time.

Anyhow, another of my concerns is de manner in which de ULP Red Line is drawn across dis Argyle Airport Project. Dis is ah project dat presents ah golden opportunity to pull de two halves ah de country to-get-her, but de Guv-ah-mint and Opposition are as distant apart as de north pole is from de south. Man every activity connected to de Airport is ah Red-letter-dey foh ULP supporters, Tek de moving of de equipment to de site, ah never see foh more Red flags and Red banners. Instead ah meking it look like ah ULP ting done specifically foh ULP supporters, couldn’t dey have used de National colours of SVG, Cuba, Venezuela and Tie-One, even as ah sham. And to add insult to injury, dey had DJ music wid loud speakers blasting thru de town to de tune “Who E Hut E Hut”! If ah say it ain’t Hut Me, ah lie!


Last week when ah touched on Carnival ah forgot to “Big Up’ Ken Isles, de longest standing MC in Vincy Mas, 34 years covering de Junior Mas and Mardi Gras, never miss ah year and still going strong. And ah forgot to mention Mama Culture, Minister Baptiste, no maybe about her loyalty to de Art Form. Ah chatted wid her at de Junior Pan and I was shocked wid what she said she witnessed going on stage side. Except to say dat our young people not paying heed to de dangers of sexually transmitted de-seize. Maybe more of our parents should attend de children shows.

But ah can’t help heckling Madam Minister who, not too long ago, had some surgery done to her “two knee” in Cuba. Would yuh believe dat when she jigged across de stage in her Blondie Bird’s costume, de DJ changed de song and played I-cons; Road March winning song : “Pain in she two knee”! De DJ couldn’t care less, “Who E Hut E Hut”

And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.