Bassy - Love Vine
January 25, 2008
How dare yuh utter-sum

Ah couple weeks ago ah wrote say dat Utter-sum as well as Fitz Jones in his time, sold out de Teachers Union lock, stock and barrel to de ULP. What else ah could ah say when immediately after de PM’s infamous 2007 In-deep-and-dunce message, when he boasted 16% salary increases foh all cat-ah-carry of public servants, Utter-$um, den president ah de Teachers Union, wrote in de Press: “Teachers will be EXTREMELY ELATED wid de PM’s announcement that Reclassification (de root of all de evil today) will be implemented as AGREED with de Teachers Union”.{{more}} Those were Utter-$um’s words not mine, his own fat dat will one day fry him. Would yuh believe dat around de time he wrote dat article, Utter-$um collected his gift, ah fat cheque to go and do his Masters in de UK. Ah held my piece on dat score because ah was glad foh Utter-$um. Interestingly he got his second cheque just before de Teachers went on strike. Officials here were shocked dat when he got to de UK, he made noise foh ah British funded schol dat he heard was forfeited. Remember his letter to de Press giving de establishment here hell foh not granting him de schol, claiming spite wuk. Nobody here, none of his ULP friends, not even de Union took up his case, I was de only one dat wrote say he deserved de schol and begged de authorities to give Utter-$um his due.

So it was no surprise dat nation and supporters of de Teachers struggle were in ah state ah confusion when de present Executive of de Teachers Union rejected de Reclassification Exercise and called ah strike, dat’s de same Reclassification dat Utter-$um predicted would mek Teachers EXTREMELY ELATED. But soon after de Executive bawl-out say dey feel dey were Betrayed, dey came back and say dey had con-fee-dents in de PM, obviously dey weren’t referring to de PM as de Betrayer. Ah want Utter-$am to tell me who Betrayed dem. Maybe as ah friend ah was ah lickle harsh on Utter-$am, ah need to explain what ah meant was dat Utter as president was ah professional Salesman who sold de Union’s position successfully on many occasions, but only dis Reclassification bit he Sold Out cheaply, de receipts are there to show. My add-vice to Utter-$um is to settle down and get in de class-room and pass de course; seventy thousand dollars is ah lot ah cash “ah Utter $um amount”, foh an education, he better don’t waste it.


Utter-Sum says I am ah die-hard NDP pretending to be only ah supporter of Arm-In. He’s wrong I’m not NDP, but he’s right on de second count, ah like Arm-In de same way Utter-$am adores his PM, so we must both respect each others choice. In my dealings wid Arm-in I have proved his word can be trusted. In SVG if yuh find an honest politician chances are he’s spineless. Arm-in is honest, he has spine and Guts, ah big one too. Dat’s why people are saying now dat he is de next best choice to rescue this country from all dis Corruption and guide us thru dis pending Recession.

Me blood crawl when ah hear de same Arm-in on Radio exposing corruption in de ULP dat dey successfully kept ah secret, hand-outs in de form ah contracts, dished out to ULP supporters, some foh doing absolutely nothing, man ah feel to bawl… Rape! How does de PM justify contracts of over eight hundred thousand dollars foh supporters, some retired and on pension, now sitting at desks and do absolutely nothing. Herman Belmar ah retiree gets $ 75,894.00 per annum and Edwin Snagg’s $118,095 per annum, both defeated at de polls, installed with Responsibility foh Grenadines Affairs, so what happen to Friday and Ollivierre de duly elected representatives? William Harry, retired, he was not good enough to be ah Commissioner of Police under ULP, but is now on contract as police add-vice-sir for $ 89,975 per annum. Sir-Vin-Sin Beach retired, ULP’s chief advocate and spokesman foh Integrity Legislation, who had promised to pass ah law within ninety days of taking up office, or “Comrads don’t look foh me” he said. He was in office, spent five years, did nothing bout integrity legislation, retired and is back as add-vice-sir in security at ah price of $ 127,920 per annum. De least said about Buns Bonadie de better, long past retirement age, wid his $100,099 per annum, trouble is he’ll be back in NDP again, soon. Theresa Daniel is ah professional worth her weight, and her $ 4,000 ah month is small, her pay should not be hidden; Hans King has his degree and is qualified foh ah PM’s press secretary, my problem is how could ah young ambitious professional subject himself like ah Buns, to such pull-it-tek-all servitude. As ah professional, Hans needs to be reminded dat life foh him goes on after de ULP notwithstanding his $ 82,750 per annum. De name Elson Crick is on de ULP contract list he gets $ 77,100 to replace Heartly Henry, ah case of “de lesser ah two Evils” ah not saying Elson is an Evil eh. Nurse Juliette George, wid absolutely no experience or qualification in Public Works matters, gets $ 100,095 per annum, Juliette will go down as the highest paid watchman in SVG’s History. Even Utter-$um’s name is on de list foh ah meager $9,600 as ah Board member; but dat’s chicken feed to de rest.

Arm-in’s disclosure comes at ah bad time when Teachers, Police and Public Servants meking noise foh salaries, de recent graduating class ah Nurses have been told dat come June dis year, Guv-ah-munt got no money to pay dem, De latest in de Supermarkets is flour gone up so too is bread, eggs gone to $9.00 ah dozen. Ah predicting ah year ah protests marches and demonstrations foh just causes. ULP will be hard pressed to serve out its full term.


SVG has lost ah great son ah de soil. Doc Cordice’s mission here on earth was about people’s suffering and how to alleviate dat suffering. Doc was never in de profession foh de money, he was known as de Doctor who would examine yuh and den put his hand in his pocket and give yuh money to buy de medication. And Doc served at ah time when de country was blessed wid four great Doctors: Gun Munro , Harry Munro, Mc Millan and Cordice, any one ah dem could ah become ah millionaire, but dey all had one thing in common “ relief to people’s suffering” at no cost. Doc’s contribution went beyond medicine, as ah sports administrator, in Cricket he served as president at home in SVG and for de Windwards, again foh free. Today when de people whom we put to best represent our interest, continue to betray us, milking de country dry while in office, and when yuh think dey gone, dey will return to rob de calf. Men like Doc Cordice are Heroes, and so we must stand to attention, raise our hats, bow our heads and salute Doc. May he rest in peace. And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy