Bassy - Love Vine
June 8, 2007
Tuff like rock on crime

We got ah lot ah sick people walking bout de place, perverts, rapists, robbers, child-molesters especially, and as dey become exposed we need to mek it we business to get to know dem, to be able to identify dem in de biggest crowd. One way to do dis is to pay serious attention to de photos ah dem criminals, convicted or not when dey appear in de newspaper. {{more}} Take ah long hard look at dem, don’t just browse thru de pages hurry, hurry but mek ah mental photo ah every face, so dat de next time yuh walk de street and run into dat face or dat face run into yuh, yuh alarm system should light-up inside, and tell yuh danger, look again, yuh did not see dat face in church or Sunday School; ah did not say dat perverts and child-molesters don’t go church; foh all yuh know, Lie-Za keep saying dat is in de church dey dey!

However my near-bar Leroy Rock could be an FBI, he knows de scamps and dem in de dark. Rock because of his two jobs is an expert in his own rights, ah Taxi driver and ah Court Reporter foh de NEWS and wid dem jobs, he would have seen ah lot ah criminal faces, seasoned and unseasoned and would have caught dem on his digital as well as his optical. So last Friday when Rock saw one ah dem notorious child-molester, ah sick-O loitering around Prep School lunch-time, Rock turned Private Investigator and start patrol de area right away. By Monday at lunch when he went foh his kid and he saw Mr sick-O walking up wid one of our seven year ole daughters from Murray Village, Rock realized dat he was about to strike. He pulled aside his vehicle and began to follow de monster. All dis happened around de NDP Headquarters. We now know dat he invited de lickle child to go wid him foh plums, he actually had plums in his pocket to tempt some innocent child. Mr sick-O den crossed de road wid de child and went behind Mrs Baynes’ house, but Rock was waiting and watching, so he was forced to switch back to de regular route. Now when ah say is important to mark dem faces, yuh think is jokes. Waiting foh Sick-O on de road was another giant on dis case, FBI Reynell Smith who was on de case before Rock, and had already alerted de Police. So while Mr sick-O dey arguing wid dem, de Police arrived, dis officer must get high praises, or high raise, he had no transport available, so he ran thru de back ah de Post Office and got there in minutes. Sick-o was arrested and charged, he is ah lucky fellar to be alive, because foh strange reasons de Boys on de Village Block were not around, dey could be rough guys at time, and dey tek ah liking to all de lickle youths dat pass by; ah know if dey were around dey would ah go foh dat sick-O fellar. Thank God foh great citizens like Leroy Rock of Rock-of-wages fame, and Reynell, hope ah got his name right, but he was really emotional and had already worked up ah storm when ah got dey. Dis is serious stuff, who knows we could have had another Lukisha Nanton on our hands on Monday. Just ah bit of caution to parents, ah reminder actually, warn yuh kids every day dey leave foh school “not to talk to strangers! Not to tek sweets nor plums from strangers! Walk in groups! And adults look out foh bigger men walking wid lickle children, predators come in all shape and form , so be on de alert, be “Tuff like Rock on Crime”!


Some good music Foh Carnival on de Radio, ah like Uturn by Gideon, nice soothing fusion music as dem young people does call it. And very early there was one by Luther something about ah prophecy, good to hear Luther in dat vein. Den there’s de Kaisos, ah heard only ah few, de guy who lost his woman in de band is funny, Den ah few serious ones, de Pull-it-tek-all commentaries, de King “Ipa Reporting”; Abijah “Singing foh Guv-ah-mint” and Poorsah sound disgusted wid dem as he asking “Way Do Dem”? He really covered de events dat are most disturbing and as usual yuh can count on Poorsah foh good satire. Ah got to say like Poorsah “Way Do Dem” in truth, two years ago dey Muck-up (crash into) ah familiar disease in de Banana, every farmer knew what it was even Arm-In who don’t know de difference between ah Banana and ah Plantain, said dat de Bananas are affected by ah disease dat look like Muck-up to he. But de ULP Administration behaved exactly like de NDP did when de farmers dem come-plain dat Me-lay Bug damaging de fruit trees, dey slept. But now dat our Banana is in serious trouble, de ready to spend what will culminate into millions ah dollars to fight de disease and subsidize de Farmers, de ready to lock de stable when de horse done get away and running ah Muck-up and down de place.

Is “Way Do Dem” in truth? After dey done impose $$$ fine pon Grenadines people foh passing thru de Port, after dey done send Police to ruff up de people who demonstrated at de Wharf, after dey realize dat dey had no legal authority to do all dat dey did, dey force thru an SR&O on June 3rd 2007 big Sunday of all days to mek it right. And to cover dey tracks and mek de Illegal Legal, dey mek de SR&O retroactive, oh boy Lie-Za keep telling me dat once people get into Guv-ah-mint is something dey does eat, drink or rub dey skin wid, dat does mek dem ah different person, dey not de same anymore, dey behave like Mister and misses know it all dat everybody can’t help asking “Way Do Dem”!

Lie-Za tell me to write and tell everybody when all yuh see me and she hug-up in de March on Friday, none all yuh better point all yuh finger pon we and ask “Way Do Dem”? And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy