Bassy - Love Vine
February 9, 2007
Be nice to de Cubans

Our Cuban friends, supposedly professional bulb-fitters are here and ah want to well-come dem to my country. Even though ah overs why dey must come, ah still feel embarrassed that dey have to come all de way from Cuba to fit ah light bulb in my house.

Really it remind me of dem days when we did just get electricity, when de ole fellar came town to spend ah night wid his daughter, first time he seeing street-light, amazed! He ball out: ” town really nice, look how de mek ah lickle moon and hang it up pon de pole”. Poor fellar he set up all night trying to turn off de bedroom light. He didn’t have ah clue bout switch so he pulled ah chair, climb up under de bulb and started to blow like he accustomed to do with his flambeau.{{more}}

Of course we all know de reason why Castro will not be fooled by small island pull-ah-tricks, he got ah stomach problem but nothing wrong with his brain; he send de Energy Saving Bulbs as ah gift from de people of Cuba to de people of SVG; and he want to ensure dat every Vincentian regardless ah de party yuh support, will get Bulbs. No Minister ah Guv-ah-mint going write down names and share out these Bulbs to dey supporters, next thing yuh hear, some people ain’t get and others got Bulbs to sell.

De only embarrassment is if our Cuban friends have to go Cane Garden and Prospect and dem areas way all dem big mansions waiting foh dem to fit bulbs, dem homes way de owners could afford to buy ah generator much less ah energy saving bulb. Something ah want to hear is how dem Cubans feel when de see the M-foh-Sis we youths placing on fancy car, motor bikes, cell phone and name brand clothes, material things that dey are not disposed and exposed to in their country; but then again show me someone, Yankee, Vincy or Cuban who will say no to nice things.

Now all ah asking of Vincentians is to welcome de Cubans as our friends for indeed dey are, first dey gave us Sight and now dey bring us Light and soon we will be getting plenty Flight. Disregard all de nig-ah-thief remarks that people passing on de Bulbs. Even Lie-Za was saying she hear de man say pon Radio dat he open one ah dem same Bulbs and it got secret transmitter hidden inside. So ah explained to her the word is transistor; now she is all ready and waiting foh de Cubans, she tell me she done put ah litre bottle ah Pepsi in she fridge to offer dem when dey visit; she will strangle Lie-Owe if he drink it. And if de Cubans smart dey would tell her in advance and she will prepare lunch foh dem when dey visit. But everybody knows Lie-Za, she got her plans, ah will bet me last dollar she will be asking dem foh ah few spare bulbs to replace the first set.


Ordon Graham was dragged into Courts foh meking See-dish-us statements, he won de first round but Guv-ah-mint is asking foh ah second round, so we wait to see what will happen to Ordan. Ah nearly forget that Elwardo Lynch was de first victim, he and Dug-he De Freitas, Lynch lost on all counts in Courts but ah believe that his victory will come some glad morning when dis Guv-ah-mint is o’er. Junior Back-us was ah casualty waiting to be man-he-festered but ah didn’t expect de Prime Minister to go foh Matthew Thomas Jug-yuh-law. When nobody wanted to I-dentify with You – PM in de will-dah-nest, it was Matthew was with you thru thick and thin. Now de PM and Matthew fall out and Matthew dropping some hard Pee-Cong, de PM dragging him into Courts foh two hundred thousand dollars damage. If Matthew offend de PM with words and ah believe he did, why cant he call him as he uses to and ask him to stop, maybe he did, but why does he want to destroy de man? And when yuh listen to Vinny Frederick’s defence, one has to ask one-self what does dis man want.

Aesop always had ah Fable foh every situation. He tells about de Serpent who had ah show down with de Blacksmith and thought dat de best way to get even with de Blacksmith was to destroy his most valuable piece ah tool de Rasp or file. So de Serpent started to mek de file dull by rubbing its teeth on the file’s surface, when he heard de loud grating sound coming from the constant rubbing he smiled; den suddenly he saw blood coming from his mouth; dat excited him, he rubbed harder until he didn’t hear anymore ah de grating sound. Thinking dat he had completely killed de cutting edges of de file he said: “Dat will do it, let him tek dat”! But poor fool de file was as sharp as ever, he couldn’t hear de sound because he had ground his teeth to de gum. Ah fraid de Prime Minister is grinding his teeth down to de gum; he better tek warning.

All yuh have ah Happy Valentine, mek plenty Love not War!

And with dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.