Bassy - Love Vine
December 1, 2006

Something Dey Up Dey

Mr Hoax decided to mek ah fool ah de town folks, so one day at noon, sun hot like fire, he walked onto de edge ah de pavement and looked up fixing his eye in de sky as though he was on to something. Exactly as he had planned his act, ah woe-man came next to him and started looking upwards too, Mr Hoax mumbled: “it was there ah moment ago, and now it’s gone”! Ah third person passing asked what’s going on and the woman said to him: “come see nah, something dey up dey but it gone!” In ah matter ah minutes the street was blocked with scores ah people looking up into de sky each with his/her version of “something dey up dey!” By that time Mr. Hoax had quietly excused himself and disappeared laughing his head away.{{more}}

Only two weeks ago Candy Edwards in his regular Sat-dey morning “Letter from de Ground” took de country sky-gazing. Full ah mischief as usual, Candy stirred up an ants-nest around de PM’s alleged “No way” answer he gave in response to Sen. Cummings’ question with regards to ULP introducing Integrity Legislation in SVG. Ah reliable caller confirmed he actually heard the Prime Minister when he gave his answer. Cummings himself called and dropped it straight from de horse’s mouth.

Ah was convinced that what ah heard from so many familiar and reliable voices on de radio was sound, and being very passion-ate foh things like Integrity Legislation me-self, without checking foh de truth, ah took up de debate in my column de following week. Well that was meat foh de ULP column last week. Everybody including yours truly, who dared to chant down de PM on dis anti-Integrity Legislation statement he didn’t make, was given ah pen-lashing or bashing. So ah had to check out de gospel according to Hansard foh the unadulterated truth. According to Hansard there was nothing in the Prime Minister’s answer to support de story “rounds-in in de sky” that he said there will be no Integrity Legislation, in fact he indicated how and when it will be brought to de House. While in my column I might have covered my tracks with humor by writing “hear say and dey say” ah must add-myth that in dat part of my article, de truth got high-jack, and ah have no choice but to offer de PM ah personal apology. Integrity is about Truth and Honesty and those of us who claw-mooring foh Integrity must first deliver it without ifs and buts.


Having said that ah glad foh Ordan Graham, he won de case de Guv-ah-mint brought against him foh See-dey-shun. Ah get de feelings that de Police didn’t pay Ordan any attention because dey overs de context in which he made his statement posed no threat, not even ah promise. But was not until de Prime Minister who knows dey got ah thing called wretch-rebuke-shun coming, went out ah de way at ah Press Conference, to give ah lecture on “ah case foh see-dey-shun” and of course Ordan was fresh on de table foh Tea, Breakfuss and Dinner. Immediately after dat lecture, de DPP and dem laid See-dis-hush charges ‘gainst Ordan. Ah beginning to feel sorry foh Colin Williams, de acting DPP to axe sorry, who acts, ah wonder if he ain’t beginning to see ah scape-goat face-in- him head-on, Colin boy “ Darm if yo Do, Darm if yo don’t”!

Lie-Za was saying dat de DPP and de Police should know that right now, there is no chance dat any Blood go Run in de Streets ah SVG, not now.

So Ordan with his inner-sense lives to fight sorry, talk another day, so good he had M-ray ah ole stalwart to defend him. But he should thank de Lord that de Chief Justice and de Chief Mad-is-straight are no Pyar Pyar party stooge, she Show-no-man could mek she give pyar pyar Judge-mint. Lie-Za say when dey ask de Chief Mad-is-straight if dey got anybody or anything she fraid, she tell dem foh Sure-no-man!


Every year this time Edgar Branch will call to say his brother Bill Branch say “not to forget”! Foh those who don’t remember or know Bill, he was de man who built real Low Income houses here in SVG. Bill graduated under Bert Neehall (Knee-haul) de God-father ah Low Income Houses. In de 1950’s and 1960’s dem fellars made building blocks from clay and mud, check out those Low Income houses in Pauls’ Avenue , some ah dem still standing after fifty years, dirt blocks. But Bill called to remind me to wish Sir Sydney ah Happy 90th Birthday! Today when doctors are like ah dime ah dozen, charging you before dey even see you, some, not all actually; but we must never forget our good and faith-full Doctors of yesteryear like Mc Millan, Cordice, Harry Munro, Ellis, Cyrus, Ramps, Child, Kirby and of course Sir Sydney. In those days was only two or three doctors in de country at any given time, and dey specialized in everything from “head to toe”! Lie-Za say today medicine is like “climbing de greasy pole”. You go to one doctor s/he refer you to ah specialist, the specialist looks at de X-ray, s/he needs another opinion, so off you go to de next who thinks an outside opinion is necessary, is off to B/dos or de USA. Ah year later you dey in de USA only to be asked “Why did dey keep you so long”? Eat properly, Exercise regularly, Rest Daily and avoid stress.

And with dat ah gone again.