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November 17, 2006

PM giving jokes in Par-liar-mint

We don’t get to see enough ah de live debates in de British Par-liar-mint but de lickle we get at news time shows there is ah great deal ah genuine heckling and humour. Here at home we get de whole sessions ah our Par-liar-mint live on TV, but everybody so tense and stiff, nervous ah believe; de only person that takes time out to give ah Joke is de Prime Minister. Trouble is that ah lot ah time when we tek his statements seriously, is when he kicksing off and only making jokes. Like when he said that ‘he lies sometimes, but not all de time’, that was clearly intended foh ah joke although every thing in that statement is true. And how about when he shouted out in de middle ah Senator Leacock’s address: ” Not ah cent foh Football” that was intended foh ah big laugh, but not even the members on his side caught de joke, maybe it’s because de PM didn’t laugh den to give dem de lead, but he couldn’t be serious.{{more}}

And how about de Meeting in de House during de ULP’s first term when ah member ah de Opposition asked about de promised Integrity Legislation; nobody caught de joke when de Prime Minister told him that de OECS was preparing ah document on Integrity Legislation foh member states, naturally it didn’t mek cents duplicating de effort, so he will wait on de OECS. Everybody believed him, but he was only joking; we missed ah chance foh ah good laugh then.

I am sure Senator Cummings only wanted ah good laugh last week when he tabled dat question asking when is de Guv-ah-mint planning to introduce the long awaited Legislation on Integrity. Dey say de PM was more humorous than Comedian Sir Luche with his reply. He told de House there was no need for Integrity Legislation in SVG; dat was more than time foh de biggest laugh; further to that, he said that if there is any corruption or hanky panky in Public Office, there are nuff Laws in de books to tek care ah those matters. Daniel Cummings is too serious ah man to enjoy ah joke like dat, but ah still dey hey cracking up laughing.

Ah must laugh because Sir Vin-sin Beach, ah ole veteran who spent nearly half his life in Par-liar-mint, and who plans on having ah peaceful retirement, does not intend to be challenged under any integrity enforcement order. He already gave his “word” and Sir Vin-sin “word” is his bond. During de Calm-Pain he promised that after de ULP’s first one hundred days in office if there was no Integrity Legislation in place ” all yo don’t look foh me” he said, ” because is gone I gone”! Well, de first one hundred days pass like X-am, de first two thousand days went, still nothing. Sir Vin-sin like he did see that there is no Legislation to come; so de least he could ah do was to honour his “word”, “don’t look foh him, he done gone”!

Nah forget that ah former Prime Minister ah T’n’T, Bas-dey Pan-dey in Jail, yuh think is de hanky panky that mek him dey Jail? Never! is de Integrity Legislation. With dat Instrument, dey were able to fathom deep down into his best kept, hidden secret deals. Now All Jokes aside, after Bas-dey Pan-dey episode, tell me which Prime Minister, SVG or way-ever will want to risk introducing such ah piece ah Legislation? That is like buying horse-whip to cut you own back-side!. And let me say like Sir Vin-sin: ” any aspiring Prime Minister, Arm-In Use-tuss, Joe-more or whoever is not prepared to introduce retroactive Integrity Legislation when he gets there, he better don’t look foh my vote, because is gone ah gone”!


The pull-it-tek-all situation around de world right now is reassuring and encouraging. All de great men with power unlimited are today sitting like “Lame Ducks”. Sad-damn got ah death sentence, Bush ah life sentence, Blear ah suspended sentence, Rum’s-feel just plead guilty waiting foh ah sentence, Dick done Chain-he self; even our own Castro not without blemish, but nevertheless ah great leader, best remembered as de man who dignified his country and people defying nine or ten US Presidents in de process, he seems now ah candidate in full repentance and ready foh Heaven.

Ah was telling Lie-Za that as ah Christian ah have my concerns about going to Heaven because ah some ah de folks ah might meet there. Ah can’t believe that on one hand you have church leaders like Pastor Clarke my cousin, Fredericks, Daniel to name ah few, good men, mind you not perfect, but trying to live right and do good to mek it to Heaven. And then on de other hand you have men like Sad-damn, Bush, Blear, Rum’s-feel, Chain-he, these men alone have been responsible foh nearly as many innocent deaths as Hit-law. But on that great day of Judgement, some ah these same guys might mek it to Heaven before ah lot ah Pastors and Priests. De explanation of course is that dey have sinned but have repented and sought and obtained forgiveness from de Lord. “Don’t believe ah thing like that”, Lie-Za said, “Heaven will tek in Bush and Sad-damn and dem only because Satan will never admit dem in Hell, Satan could never feel comfortable with dem fallars around, he wouldn’t be able to sleep”! Ah was tempted to ask her way she planning to go after this life, but ah can’t tek another cussing this week.

Remember to vote Kyron. What ah sit-yuh-hear-shun, Kyron wins de Prize and Digicel de Big Bucks! And with dat ah gone again.

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