Bassy - Love Vine
November 10, 2006

Ah letter to de Lord from Lie-za

Ah story appeared on the Internet about ah plastic bag containing letters that wash-up on de east coast of de USA next to way ah father and son were fishing. Some three hundred letters, most ah them written by people seeking help, all kind ah help: money, luv, wuk, man, woe-man, lotto but de trouble is, some ah these letters were addressed to de Lord. The Post Office kindly sent them to ah ole Pastor in de town. When the Pastor died his wife bagged dem and dumped dem in de Ocean. But Lie-Za didn’t know that ah read de story so she came breathless asking if ah heard about de bag ah letters from SVG that came in at Argyle.{{more}}

First ah wondered if de Argyle Airport ready before it start, till mails coming in already. She explained it was on de beach and that some ah de letters were addressed to de Lord. “People wicked ” she said. “Somebody name “E-vil dot com” sent to ask de Lord to tell Maple Leaf and UWI to fire junior Bacchus and Doc Fraser” she continued. Then she said de Lord put ah foot note saying: ” From now on, you must sign your name “Evil dat come”! One ah de letters was signed Buns, she said, and de person was asking God not to change de Guv-ah-mint now, because he hate to think what people will call him when he got to roll back over and tek over E.G Lynch’s NDP New Times call-in program.

Ah gave her ah lickle smile of encouragement and dat put her in high gear. She say you wont believe this, but there was ah letter thanking de Lord foh de Vision Now program, however, de writer complained that de eye-operations doing too much, now dat de folks get back dey physical sight, dey seeing too far, some ah dem questioning de state ah de-con-ah-me! There was ah footnote from de Lord that said: ” please note dat de extra bit ah Mental Vision was ah request from de Opposition”! ” Apparently ah Form was attached to that letter that was also returned”, she continued, ” it was ah Party Membership Form asking de Lord to sign to say he will attend de next con-vent-shun”.

After she went thru about six more letter-stories, ah told her that ah actually heard about de letters, and one in particular got my attention, it was from ah lady ah think ah know, she wrote to de Lord asking why all her friends could get ah man easy, easy, some ah dem got three and more, but she still scrunting to find even ah not-so-good man. Then ah hit her with de bomb, ah told her the person gave her initials as L.Z. Straight away she took she shoes, slam it down on de table, took up her purse and bolted off without saying she gone. Ah believe ah lost ah good friend, at least foh only ah while!


Sooner than later ” our Aunt M” matter had to hit de fan, and last week de Newspapers had big headlines “Aunt M Row”! What really happen is that Junior Sutherland, ah very talented and serious musician with ah deepened interest in Folk and Patriotic Songs, did some research on “our Aunt M” way back when he was at music school in Ja-mek-her. According to Junior, after “our Aunt M” with music by Joel Miguel was selected, Pat Prescod, father ah music in SVG and one who hates this sort ah publicity, took “Aunt M” to the Musical Theatre and did plastic surgery on her entire ah-not-me. Pat’s arrangement was foh choir, and obviously shows substantial changes in de original version done by Miguel. Other arrangers have done plastic surgery on “our Aunt M” as well; de arrangement played at parades by our Police Band was done by ah professor Bill-in with Vincy roots out of Venezuela.

De problem now, however, has to do with ah publication of ah selection ah Vincy Patriotic Songs prepared by de Ministry of Culture. De Ministry wants to use Pat Prescod’s arrangement of “our Aunt M” since it was done foh choirs and is de most popularly used, if not de only version. Mr. Sutherland who is wuking on this project foh de Ministry, thinks it is only fitting to give credit to Mrs Punnett for the words, Mr Miguel foh de Music and Pat Prescod recognition foh his arrangement. De local experts say that is de pro-to-call, but right or wrong, Miguel is not happy at all! Lie-Za who bin around when “d Aunt M” was chosen say:

“what gone bad ah morning can’t come good ah evening” de real ” Aunt M” should ah bin Pat Prescod’s entry: “God Bless Hairouna (Our Homeland)” but it didn’t get pick because de same ole people say: “kisses go by faces sorry, not faces, favours”!


Remember to vote foh Kyron de next Digital Rising Star. Ah was telling Lie-Za that ah hear Sir Louis done vote ten times foh Kyron and he encouraging people to vote de youngster. She said she knows, is she who encouraged Sir Louis; and when she told him to mek sure he vote Kyron, Sir Louis asked her which constituency Kyron running fah. And with dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.