Bassy - Love Vine
May 5, 2006
Ah sigh ah relief

Finally, ah young man is charged foh Glenn Jackson’s murder. Thank God it does not appear to be pull-it-tek-all; was no Ass-ah-sin’s bullet as the Prime Minister so adamantly proclaimed. Ah wonder if he will ever tek back that piece ah miss-info that he tek mek big thing, that certainly didn’t help to tone down some ah the wild speculations that made the rounds. People went that far to reason that Glenn’s death was ah highly organized plot. But all along Glenn’s wife, Susan was calm, she appealed foh Justice “No Scape Goat Justice” she said.{{more}} Now that an arrest has been made, didn’t the Police knew enuff then, to mek ah statement that could ah put to rest ah lot ah the loose dispatches, false allegations, name calling and so on? All this talk bout Glenn’s body was mutilated and washed now appears to have been vicious, careless, malicious lies! And now that we see who the alleged murderer is, this lickle nashy fellar, it is reasonable to accept that Glenn was killed by ah single bullet in his car and his body never left his vehicle.

Lie-Za of course always in the know, she got wink that the accused was going to Courts on Tuesday; so bright and early Tuesday morning, at 7:00 a.m. on the dot, she was at Prison Gate waiting to see this youngster. Ah saw her on the Television News, in front the camera pushing down Prison Gate.

So ah asked her what the fellar looked like, right away she choops she teeth and said: ” ah one lickle boy, say he had Bible in he hand, waving to the crowd”. She continued: “Some thing ain’t look right bout this boy, Glenn is ah solid heavy fellar, that lickle boy got to be strong like Samson to do all way they say they do poor Glenn”. So ah asked her how lickle is he, then she came right out and said: “That boy ain’t stop sucking his mother milk, you could see he only playing manish, like one ah them lickle force ripe Ram Goat!” From the time she mentioned the word Goat, me mind run pon Susan, Goat and Scape Goat!


Gospel Fest this year was big and bad! Ah tek in both nights. Bridgette Blucher with that Spiritual Baptist Root-is-him she inherited from her Dad Pointer Blucher, had the Young people jumping foh Jesus higher than when them Jah-mek-hand’s Reggae stars singing. Both nights were well attended. Two things struck me, one was ah Carnival Mas Band launch at the Car Park on Sunday night way there’s usually ah big crowd, had to give way to Gospel Fest at Victoria Park ram jam. And secondly, Pinna Paynter, Soccer Coach, drew my attention to the quality ah the Sounds at Gospel Fest, no big set ah noise blasting down the town, ah clean sound. Andrew Mason was one ah the mixers and who ever was with him did ah very good job. If ah had to mek ah comment ah would suggest that they promote more Praising and Worshipping at Gospel Fest, Ah think the show is slipping into ah big competition way people only fighting foh Gold Medals. Give the Youngsters an opportunity to Praise God more.


Bro. Gould left us ah week ago. He was ah good community man, highly regarded foh his loyalty whether is family, party, church or whatever organisation he served, Bro. Gould’s word of commitment was his bond. And he paid ah high price foh his political loyalty, he knows what it means to be victim-eyes. If NDP’s supporters were to ever dwindle to one, that one would ah been Gould. Ah faithful Christian foh fifty years, he never looked back or slipped up in serving his Saviour. Ah visited him ah few days before he died and he had already booked his passage foh Heaven, just waiting foh the chariot to come pick him up. Gould was ah respected and devoted family man whose fine qualities literally rubbed of on his children. Murray’s Village has lost ah good villager and NDP ah stalwart. May he have ah peaceful rest.


Something tells me that Vincy Heat Football need ah new fuel. If they using wood then go to coals. And if they already using coals then time to go to petrol or electricity. Try something new Senator Lea-cock. Ah saw Des Morris wuking with the kids with his “Total Touch Philosophy”. Some how it reminds me of the days ah Notre Dames and later Super Stars, how they played ah “One Two” style that uses to win big foh SVG. No one can deny the fact that the Morris Boys got ah sincere love foh SVG Soccer. They all been there foh SVG at CFU level, they migrated with their parents, played and studied the sport in the US, and now they have come up with ah technique that Des himself has developed. Ah would love to see Touch Masters as they call themselves trying this Technique with our juniors, forget the seniors, no disrespect to some ah the individuals, but that team is ah lost case, and it is not their fault; we play ah style ah football, if you call it ah style, that is so obsolete that on the field ah play, we are never able to score. Maybe it is time we rest up de far-reign coaches and give one ah we own ah try, and ah want to recommend Touch Masters! In fact ah recommend anything other than what we doing presently, because foh years it AIN’T wuk!


I-Fan Own-heel finally got ah big audience. He met with Prime Minister But-dah-ah-we of Malaysia after Arm-In disclosed that I-Fan, ah former British Soldier had spent two years in Malaysia Jungle fighting foh De-mock-we-see. During the conversation, nobody knew what was said as I-Fan spoke Malay, the language of Malaysia. But Lie-Za say like Malay is the same as Vincy Maylee, because whatever I-Fan told Mr. But-dah-ah-we, he turned to Prime Minister Gonsalves and said : ” When yuh coming to Malaysia, make sure that Mr Own-heel and his wife are with the delegation”. This is Lie-Za again, she said the Vincy PM ask if he want Arm-In too, Mr But-dah-ah-we said: “Yes Arm-in is your choice”, then he pointed straight to Own-heel and said: “But-dah-ah-we”!