Bassy - Love Vine
April 28, 2006
Look out foh Bird Flew

The latest killer on the loose is Bird Flew, ah deadly fellar that, not only wiping out Birds but ah serious threat to Human! One case ah Bird Flew in ah yard and you have to get rid ah every single Bird in the country.

Lie-Za mek me laugh, she say, don’t panic, Antiguans got ah cure foh Bird Flew, how the Birds were Flying high all over Antigua, too-too-in pon everybody foh donkey years, and one big Ball-ah-wind, mek every Bird Flew, gone! Anyhow, this Bird Flew was discovered someway out dey in Asia and it flying towards the West. {{more}}US experts say the Virus could land down in the US as early as this Summer. Don’t be surprised if you hear Bird Flew reach SVG before the US. And when it does it will be Famine. Unlike the US with the technology and the resources to immunize the whole country, we can’t and we got no answer to this monster.

Forgive me if ah panicking, but this thing could be serious. Way you see chicken is concerned, Vincentians does eat chicken every day ah the week and twice on ah Sunday, and 90% ah the Chicken we consume is imported. We does line-up by the wrapping room foh Back’n’Neck. Ah feel ah Vincy know more ways to prepare Back’n’Neck than any other nation. Don’t talk bout Chicken Foot, that does sell off so quickly that lots ah people yet to know that Chicken Foot is now sold at Supermarkets. At least the price is right and ah must add-myth that it does mek ah good souse.

Ah bout ah Bird Flu in the US means no more eggs, no more chicken foh SVG, and if there is no Chicken in SVG that will be ah disaster; it will be like de Famine in Egypt. So what can we do now to avert the full effects ah Bird Flew? Go back to basics, Back to Roots. Firstly, we can start increasing our sheep, goat and pig population. Back in Pharoah time when it was established that Egypt was going to have ah Famine, they planted grain and built ware-houses. We should be thinking along that line too, this year let us put in lots ah corn, peas, all kind ah beans, string beans, soy-beans etc. Apart from ah ready market, these grains can be dried and stored in containers foh when the famine comes. What the local experts at the Agriculture Department say is that grains, corn, beans, and peas can be planted with any ah the other regular root crops. Ah know ah might sound foolish but don’t laugh at me because ah just might have the last laugh.


The two top brass from Vinlec, Why-Lee and Torn-Lee were on Radio explaining that the price ah electricity will go up further and further as long as oil prices continue to go up. What was eye-run-ache is that with Diesel prices as it is, Vinlec still going ahead with the Diesel Power Plant at Lowmans Bay that will cost one hundred million dollars. Torn-Lee and Why-Lee are two young talented, qualified and in my opinion Bright Thinkers. And ah beg to ask the question, why aren’t we not looking foh alternative source ah energy now? Why are we going ahead with this Diesel Plant knowing full well that right now, the present Diesel Plant is ah Mill stone round we neck, and this new plant is not going to alleviate our suffering, in fact, once it got anything to do with Diesel that it is like putting ah bigger mill stone round the necks ah Vincentians. Ah don’t think it too late to stop that project and start looking foh alternatives.


Was I hearing correctly the other day when the Prime Minister was speaking, that he getting 350,000 energy saving light bulbs from Cuba, and that the Cubans want to be certain that these Bulbs are fitted correctly so they themselves coming to SVG to fit these bulbs in the sockets foh us. Ah don’t believe that. You mean we so backward that we can’t change ah light Bulb? Any how Lie-Za reminded me of the ole days when she father came town and saw light pon the lamp pole, when he reach back home he tell them that town got moon-light hang up pon the lamp pole. So ah ask her what so special bout the Bulbs from Cuba, she say is ah big secret, the Bulbs were made in Cuba by Spanish speaking people and she believe that not only the instructions are in Spanish, even the Light is in Spanish!


It is ah sad day in any country or region when ah Prime Minister has to mek ah Jail foh breaking the Law, especially when it boil down to matters ah money that s/he trying to conceal. But the way some ah them does misbehave when they in office, firing, hiring, literally handing out easy money to friends and family under the guise ah contract, when ever they are tried and found guilty of misconduct in Public Office, ah think it is ah good precedent to send dey tail to Jail. Patrick John ah former Prime Minister ah Dominica did mek ah Jail and now Pan-dey mek his. And ah believe that more will mek Jail.

Lie-Za thinks it is ah good lesson foh all aspiring Pull-ah-trick-hands. Leave the people money alone. And she say that even though construction of the Jail at Belisle is well advanced, it might not be ah bad I-dare to convert some ah them cells into lickle one bedroom apartments and call them retirement homes foh de Bad Boys in pull-ah-tricks! She’s planning to enter Polly-Ticks, ah wonder way she will put the Bad Girls in Pull-ah-tricks. And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.