Bassy - Love Vine
January 27, 2006

De budget so and so

Year after year ah does write say that I’m no he-con-ah-miss so ah don’t overs things like Budgets and money matters except to spend it; so pardon me if whatever ah write ain’t too cents-ah-call.

Budgets mek ah very interesting study; lots ah things are listed to be done but in reality there is no matching source ah funding and chances are that half ah the plans are never accomplished; and at the end of the financial year, it is normal to hear some people owed foh goods, others foh services but the next Budget always shows that there is ah surplus! How dey do it ah don’t know; our main source ah far-reign exchange – the Bananas almost dead and our Tourist Industry has its limitations, transportation and accommodation, and yet we have surplus? {{more}}

Interestingly last year just when the Guv-ah-mint’s back was about to jam ‘gainst de wall two miracles happened: the Visions Program from Cuba and then Pet-throw-Carib ah oil deal from Venezuela.

And this Venezuelan deal is what is going to keep this country going foh ah number ah years, in fact it will mek the 2006 Budget ah reality. Hopefully the proposed line ah credit thru Miss Petra Carib will create Real Surplus here, that will help finance most ah the projects listed in this year’s Budget and in the future.

Be that as it may, when is Budget time, the first thing ah does look for is what’s in dey foh me. This year there is no additional tax, that’s fine with me. Fuel finally gone up by ah dollar fifty; but as Senator Williams rightly puts it, our price increases were delayed foh quite ah while, thanks to the elections. And secondly he said that our prices are among the lowest in the sub-region. So all in all, things though small, could ah been worse.


Ah watched most ah the early part ah the Budget Session on TV, saw the PM’s presentation and the Opposition Leader’s reply, tell me what’s new? Then ah bit ah Daniel Cummings who made his debut in Par-liar-mint, he needs to speed up in his delivery and get in more words in the time he’s allowed. He’s new and needs to know two Points: Point No 1 learn the Rules ah the House; and Point No 2 is, if yuh don’t know the Rules ah the House then go back to Point No 1; he gets ah six out ah ten.

Ah hope ah get to hear all ah the young Senators before this article close, ah heard Senators Forde and Richard Williams on Radio, Forde was excellent! Clearly she studied the Budget as is evident in her presentation that literally was an enhancement to the Budget. Forde gets ah Nine out ah ten and Williams who was forthright and to the point gets ah eight out ah ten. Friday, Olliverre, Julian, Dug-he have all matured and even newly promoted Gomry Daniel has improved with his delivery. We should expect farine and our-root starch soon!


Walters was O.K he kept on track until, as if to impress the gallery or new Senators, he went off-track and gave ah display ah what his boss usually refers to as “untutored and uncultured’, and I hasten to add, “unadulterated waste matter from the bowels”.

Imagine of all people Cell-boy chose to slander in Par-liar-mint, Care-Not John and Yours truly. I tried running Cell-boy’s contribution to the Budget thru my grading machine and it rejected it three times with the same comments: “The program does not grade contents below the level of Grade V Primary School”. But ah have to blame Care-not John foh getting me into thing with Cell-boy, my friend. After Lenny Daisley say Cell-boy eat his goat, Care-not went and eat back Cell-boy ‘White Fowl” and now I getting licks foh it.

And then there is Sir Hell-turn Straker our 2006 Night. Foh sure Care-not ate Sir Hell-turn’s White Fowl too. But what ever got into the goodly Night’s head to put pen to paper to launch such ah scathing reply to Care-not John’s miss-shift? Sir Hell-turn, Nights are trained to use the sword not the pen, stick to yuh sword, don’t play with pens you pen-is oops pen is good! And Sir Hell, the next time yuh have to hit back, don’t sign you name, use ah nom-de-plume or use ah sobriquet like “ Mr. Wine-like Hell”!


Ah must big-up me God-son Jadrick Cummings foh walking away with the Victor Ludorum Award at the Grammar School Sports this year.

Ah was in Brooklyn some Sixteen or so years ago, ah woke up one morning and told the folks that ah staying by that ah calling home to tell Andrew Cummings ah dreamt his wife Jackie had ah baby boy. He was shocked as she had delivered the same night. The lickle fellar who is like me own son, grew in stature and was very athletic from early o-clock.

He showed that barring no injuries, he was going to be ah class athlete like his dad Andrew, who won the Award in 1967, and his great uncle Norris in 1934. He excelled on the tracks in the Primary schools, moved on to secondary school where he picked up ah hip injury that is now his greatest challenge. But today he walked away with the 60m, 100m, 200, 400m ‘m ‘as in metres, but ah looking foh another kind just 1- m foh meal this weekend from his parents as we got to celebrate. Congrats Jaddy!

And with that, ah gone again. One Love Bassy