Bassy - Love Vine
December 2, 2005
Four more shopping days to go

Four more shopping days to go and this Election is still hanging in the bag. In my opinion ULP was always ahead especially six months ago when NDP couldn’t find ah underpants to put on. If de Come-red did only call Elections then, he would ah catch them with the pants not just down, but completely off; the NDP couldn’t ah feel six good candidates then. In spite ah that, NDP started off the race early, sprinting as if it were ah short race; and when dey looked like dey tiring, de Come-red put on his track shoes and announced that this is ah Marathon. Immediately the ULP went out front, and appeared to have lapped the NDP. But some way along the line, NDP got ah second breath and right now dey back in the race. {{more}}

The race has been ah Marathon in truth, ah feel that the Calm-Pain on both sides climaxed two weeks ago; sad to say it looks like everybody bun with at least one lap still to go! Right now the race will be determined by the individual candidates with the extra pull-it-tek-all will and physical energy to do the last minute door-to-door visits, that last minute contact before crossing the finish line. In the meantime people can’t wait to see Wednesday come and go; and let whoever win tek over. Too much ah division, bad blood, pull-down, unnecessary flashes ah violence; oh don’t forget, and money wasted in this Election.


Is ah lot ah promises making the rounds in this Calm-Pain. ULP promise to give back money to people who paid $2.00 and $3.00 per sq ft foh Guv-ah-mint lands during NDP time. It looks like these are areas where they are not so popular. Some people will stand to get back as much as $13, 000. NDP responded to that by promising the folks at Walvereau ah further cut in price; where ULP reduce it to 75 cents, NDP offering to drop it to 18 cents per sq ft if they win the Elections.

Ah was telling Lie-Za how this is such ah marvelous gesture coming from both sides, they really thinking bout the poor. But Lie-Za is not impressed, she tell me all ah that is well and good, because it is Guv-ah-mint lands and not their own. She ask me how come we never hear de Come-red, Arm-in, Sir Vin-sin, his son Glen, Dinky or any one ah them offer to give or lease ah piece ah their family lands to poor people foh seventy-five or eighteen cents ah square foot. Ah have to agree with Lie-Za, all ah this is just ah pull-it-tek-all ploy; like the song “any thing yuh can do I can do better”. The trouble is, when they all finish, may de Lord have mercy pon de Treasury,


The Man-yuh-Fete-so and them got caught up in the Fetes and they came out late, ah have not even seen the NDP’s as yet. Ah had just nuff time to glance thru the ULP Manifesto, not in any detail though. The NDP “Bad Hand” comes up again on ah list of 25 messy projects to confirm the charges. In its 4 1/2 year term the ULP listed 167 projects; 50 of these are major physical projects completed; another 117 are unfinished projects, 77 physical, and 40 non-physical business, to be completed. There’s ah lickle reminder that if the NDP gets back in office, 38 of these projects have been identified that will be discontinued. Then the real projections, the meat ah the Manifesto gives ah A to Z commitment foh development. This section is quite detailed, comprehensive basically ah continuation of the ULP aggressive thrust in Education and Housing. As ole fashion as ah might sound, ah believe in Agriculture. And the ULP Manifesto has not given me any new hope for Agriculture, foh our Banana, our Arrowroot and Cassava; even with the advent of new machinery and factories, nothing is really happening. All now so ah was looking foh bye-products that would ah Add Value to our Banana, Arrowroot starch and Cassava Farine, instead we have not even produced ah single pound ah Starch or Farine. And that is why the two Ministers in Agriculture don’t deserve to be re-elcted., they have failed to get things going in Agriculture. My suggestion is to close down that Ministry; keep ah skeleton research staff, give each Agric Officer ah five or ten acre parcel ah land as their gratuity, let them go in the field, lift the Bar, put good practices into action.


And now foh my predictions. With the exception of de Come-red and Dr Friday any number can play in the other Constituencies. Very closely fought battle between the two Daniels; Walters and Horne; Miguel and Bennett, Snagg and Olliverre; Cummings and Baptiste; Nature is right on Slater; Eustace and Francis; Browne allow Layne to catch up in the race. On the more convincing sides, there’s de Come-red, Friday, Straker, Beach, Leacock, Lewis and Thompson. So there are seven seats that are fairly sure, four foh ULP and three foh NDP. The remaining eight can all go to the ULP making it 12-3 again. This is not likely to happen and ULP can win 9-6. But ah notice that NDP seems to be gaining ground coming to the end. Ah don’t think it’s my NDP buy-us that is telling me that the NDP is likely to pick up six ah the closely fought seats and suffer one casualty to end up winning the Elections 8-7. If only this was like predicting Tri Tri ah would ah bet ULP will win 9-6. But ah can predict this one thing, if the scores turned out to be 9-6 in fear-foh the ULP, they will have to buy out all the smelling salts and Try-an-kill-Lie-Za foh de Come-red. And if NDP wins it 8-7 it will no longer be Come-red but Come-rid!


Julian paid us ah visit at home and brought ah copy ah the ULP Manifesto, ah ULP T-shirt, mugs, cups and pens. Ah find Arm-in slipping up, he ain’t bring nothing yet, like he ain’t want this vote. We doing ah lickle painting-up foh the Christmas, and we run out ah paint. So when Julian was going down the stairs, the wife gave me ah mischievous nudge and whispered: “Ah going tell Julian to bring back ah couple pans ah Red Paint!” She not easy, Lie-Za will be proud of her.

So all joke aside; Wednesday could be ah day yuh might live to regret. Yuh have been Drive-in, Party-in, Fete-in, Drink-in. Wine-in, ah hope yuh been Listen-in, because now it is your turn to Vote-in ah Guv-ah-mint foh the next five years. Go to the poles and Vote!

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.