Bassy - Love Vine
November 18, 2005
Heavy rains ah gift from God

When it Rains it pours in truth; ah few months ago we were singing the tune “ Send down the Rain, send down the falling Rain”; now we getting so much ah Rain that the Tune change to: “ Rain, rain Go Away, Please Come Back another Day. Ah believe every body including the Farmers singing that tune. Even the Pull-ah-trickers, especially the ULP because it looks like every time they plan ah big meeting, yuh could open the tanks and put out yuh buckets, cause is not just rain, but flood. Lie-Za was telling me ah does predict when to expect Tri Tri, why not start predicting when to expect heavy showers, just wait till ULP announce the date they having ah big Pull-it-tek-all Meeting, and then predict heavy rain!{{more}}

But ah not taking them awakening showers lightly, is ah lesson to learn from all ah that Rain that reign down from the Heavens, ah think is Showers ah Blessing, real gift FROM God and ah timely reminder too. Look how the ULP left no stone unturned in preparing the Richmond Hill grounds foh ah Spectacularian Launch, give credit way it’s due, they created ah real professional setting, they had every thing covered, except of course the inevitable, Mother Nature! And when Mother Nature strikes, she humbles the just as well as the unjust. Even de Come-red who is suppose to be ah Gift from God had to sit down and accept de real Gift from God.

Lie-Za who always gets to peep at people inside business, say ULP spent just under four hundred thousand dollars foh Sunday Night Launch. Half ah that money went up in Fireworks, nuff rockets and rackets too, lit up the skies. Ah hope the real Rackets went up in the process. Ah would like to believe that the organizers as well as the crowd didn’t get they money’s worth, so look out foh the next one, half ah million maybe?


Well, Elections in SVG is never without its skirmish. NDP supporter claiming that voters are being registered in private homes where the NDP observers are not allowed to enter. Ah heard on the NDP Call-in Program that people from the mainland are pouring into Can-one to have their names registered down there to vote foh the ULP Candidate. The thing with both the ULP and NDP Call-in Programs, is that 75 percent ah what they state as facts is proper-gang-dah! What ah know though is that my brother and sister also Bridget “Chicken” St. Hilaire are here from Canada and the US foh ah vacation; they hinted that they want to spend ah week in the Keys, but they don’t have that kind ah cash. So ah tell them to check out and see if there is any truth in the NDP proper-gang-dah machine, go find the alleged ULP contact person who shipping voters to the Grenadines, and tell him they want to go to Can-one to register to vote foh Snag-he and when they get down mek sure and spend ah week!

Dancing on stage is ah part ah the Election Calm Pain depending on who does the dance. The candidates who can’t dance in step with the timing and rhythm of the music gets the most positive response from the crowd.

Sir James was ranked number one foh off-beat, his foot was one step behind and his hip two ahead ah the music, but the crowd love it.

Arm-in and de Come-red dey right on with they belly motion or co-motion, but the foot works is way the trouble dey. And de Come-red does try ah lickle shoulder shake that throws everything off. Sir Vin-sin got dancing feet, but is not aware that he does ah traditional Indian Rain Dance and every time he goes into it “down comes the Rain”; and the crowd keep asking foh more.

Julian took lessons in dirty dancing from one ah them wind-in Santa by Singer show window. And ah don’t know what ever became of the Pastor in Sayers and the Elder in Straker last Sunday night, foh men who claim coverage under the Blood, they were shameful.

Straker in particular wind-in-up behind the lickle female dancer on stage was in poor taste.


The Election Calm Pain is confusing. NDP claim they have ah man who is ah Computer Wiz who does bug into the ULP Poles. One Pole say NDP leading nine to six, the other say ten to five and the last one is twelve to three. ULP on the other hand say, they got fourteen in the bag and by Dec 7th is fifteen love. Ah done say already that in my short run up and down in the country, ah give ULP the edge. Ah think ULP will have to say good-bye to Walters and Gomry, forget the Grenadines, as long as Sir James is alive he just have to mek an appearance and that will settle the Keys seat. The three Kingstown seats will go to one party, they are very close and who wins these seats wins the Elections. More close fights between Add-fire and the Girl-in the Valley, and between Bug-in and Lint-on. ULP got the edge in the three Leeward seats; Beach is ahead ah Daisley who came on too late; Mike Browne is beatable the question is if Kingsley still commands the love the people had foh him years ago. De Come-red seat is ah foregone conclusion. However all things taken in true light, this Election could very well be ah land-slide foh ULP, although, there are enough closely fought seats that can go the NDP way and cause an NDP upset victory.

If all yuh really want to mek the fight interesting, when the day comes get out and vote!

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!