Bassy - Love Vine
September 23, 2005

Nuff respects for de Green Party

When Elections come around ah does change me pen nib, ah does put down the one that does write serious thing and tek up the one that does kicks-off pon Pull-ah-trick-hands.

Before ah change the nib though, ah must comment on the lovely turn-out Doc Kirby had at his funeral. Sir James one of Doc’s early colleagues was there. {{more}}Tributes came from Father Mark Da Silva and Morrison Baisden both of whom like they consulted Doc before they wrote their pieces. They were short, to the point and unflattering. That is how Doc would ah wanted it, his other or first choice would ah been no tributes at all.

Leo Anthony, that 84-year-ole musical giant was present to play-out his heart and soul foh his classmate. Two young Cadets were at the graveside with their Bugles to play the Last Post foh Doc who, interestingly, was ah foundation member of the first ever batch of (fifteen) Grammar School Cadets. That was very thoughtful and respectful of the Cadets.

The leader of the Green Party I-fan-Own-heel made his presence felt at the cemetery with his lusty singing along-side the lickle string band that was patched-up foh the event and included Party secretary, Ordan Graham, Matthew Thomas on Sax, Joffre Venner and yours truly. With Matthew breaking ranks with de Come-red, ah think Own-heel will approach him. Never mind that Matthew was heckling Ordan reminding him that if Comrad Joshua was alive, he would ah humor them and say: ” Comrads, imagine the Green Party ain’t launch yet and they went to the cemetery and they bury them”!

Ordan rose to the occasion, he walked with his harmonica and guitar in other words, the entire executive, the membership and all instruments of the Green Party was in full attendance.

Ah beginning to develop great respects foh I-fan Own-heel, he strikes me as coming from ah principled position. Yuh never know, he might one day be in charge. Thirty years ago, every candidate from de Come-red Party did lose dey deposit. So Lie-Za might be correct when she say that Green is exactly what the Party is; thirty years from now it will be Ripe and ready to pick.


Lie-Za woke me up 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning to tell me she went NDP Launch at Langley Park. “Daniel done win” she said. Ah reminded her that is two Daniels running in that Den, and asked her which ah the Daniels she talking bout. Then she tell me: “De real Daniel, not the ULP Daniel. She explained how ULP Daniel claimed ah lot ah Roots, Carib-Root, Our-Root and still no crop. But NDP Daniel got Roots from de Lie-in Den.

But Lie-Za is no fool, she say she going run ah test to prove if her man really related to Daniel in de Lie-in Den. Reading way she coming from ah reminded her that to get real proof, she must get two Lie-on and ah Den. “Don’t worry” she insisted, ” Ah getting the real thing, ah cage and three Pit-Bulls to borrow”. Matter Fix!

Next ah ask her what she think bout all this Roast Breadfruit Race Talk, way de Come-red say he’s the Blackest Prime Minister, but some them NDP like Roast Breadfruit, only Black outside but white inside. She tell me don’t bother with de Come-red, he right to say he is the Blackest Prime Minister. His Blackness got to be inside but outside he’s Yellow; and the only fruit that Black inside and Yello outside is ripe Paw-Paw, no wonder they calling him Paw-Paw!


Finally ah ask she what is they latest. Elated, she ask me how come ah didn’t tell her what happen at the last big Conference; how de Come-red was there seated all morning in discomfort, Lou-we on one side, Laura An’ Tony Browne on the other side and Glen behind, no offence meant Glen. How de Come-red scribble ah note give Lou-we telling him he think he getting Die-ah-rear, he want to Too-Too. Straight away Lou-we spring in ah panic and pass the note give Laura. She read the note, but Laura couldn’t be bothered, she gave ah smirkey-smile, then gesticulated to Lou-we as if to say: “what does that have to do with me”? Glen who still dey jam-up behind de Come-red, picked up the vibes that all’s not well, enquired of Lou-we, way going on. Man sign language going back and forth in the Vincy corner”. Up to this point Lie-Za had me really sucked into the story eh, so ah asked her what bout de Come-red, way he doing all this time”? She thought foh ah while: ” De Come-red dey-dey sweating it out”! So she continued by saying that in response to Glen, Lou-we pointed on de Come-red with his left hand, then discretely he gently rubbed his own belly suggesting de Come-red had ah stomach problem. In ah loud whisper, Glen asked : ” Way wrong, he got belly huttings”? But Lou-we went even softer in the whisper and said : ” Yes, but I also think the big man wants to Too-Too”!

Same time de Come-red got up and head foh the Men’s Room but like he left them ah stink bomb round the table. Well foh the first time Laura became concerned. She chided Glen and Lou-we foh making de Come-red Too-Too him-pants. Assuredly Lou-we turned to Laura and said: ” I think de Boss is safe, he didn’t reach that stage, that was one of his Pee double-Owe Pee! Trust me I ought to know”!

Ah looked Lie-Za straight in the eyes to tell her she Lie-in. She smiled and said : ” It really happen but wasn’t de Come-red, was George Bush at the Summit! Ah only wish Mr Bush could read this oops, did I say Bush reading, sorry, ah wish somebody could read this foh Mr Bush let him fix up Lie-Za!

Is ah long time since ah predict Tri Tri; how about next Wednesday foh lots ah Tri Tri……if no rain!

And with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.