Bassy - Love Vine
September 16, 2005

When de prophet come home

There is the story when Jesus figured that He been out ah long time and he never actually went to his home-town, so He decided to visit de Yard, look up the ole man Joe, see how the queen, Mary and His brethrin and sistrin them going. So he passed by the Synagogue and gave de villagers them ah lickle taste ah his scholarship. Everybody stood up with dey mouth open wide with amazement. Dey start ah soo-soo with one another : ” Way University He been”? dey asked. “Way He get all this wisdom and miraculous power from? He ain’t the lickle boy foh carpenter Joe and Mary and brother to them others sitting down in the back dey”? And the Scriptures went on to say that right dey, dey tek offence and jealousy tek over. But Jesus done pick up dey vibes long time. He tell them: ” Is alright fellars ah know how it is man, but hear me man, is only in his home-town and in his own house is ah Prophet without honour”! {{more}}

That is why ah does have to smile when ah see how we does get on stupidy when certain people do certain thing. Check out how de Come-Red does get on when de Tie-one-ah-these Ambassador pass over de cheque and them, as if to say Madam Chew is the lord send yuh from heaven. Ah remember we got some tractors from Tie-One and the cameramen went crazy trying get ah shot sorry, was no shot, ah snap ah de PM riding ah tractor. Then we got motor bikes foh de Police to help race down the criminals. More shots at sorry again, more snaps ah de Come-red. We expect some used road equipment from Chavez, watch out foh de big reception. Straker is Minister ah road equipment, he legs them ah lickle on the short side, but once he could manage to climb up on one ah them piece ah equipment, he will be pozey-in.


But while all this nice-in-up and praise-in-up going on, man right here at home die-in one after the other from Kidney failure, and is like nobody really cared at first. Doc Slater bluntly said the Guv-ah-mint will not be getting into Die-all-ah-says Machines now, it was too expensive ah proposition. However his position has changed thanks to Castro again, we will get equipment to treat kidney patients, hopefully.

But alas, while we wait foh Castro’s gift, there’s Decent Henry, Decent by name and nature; ah man, ah Vincy to de bone who in his early twenties developed Kidney problems, luckily foh Decent he was in England. So he was able to access Die-all-ah- says treatment and has been on the machines foh over thirty years.

But Decent’s purpose on earth is not about self, he is self-less, and his second name is Patriot-is-him! He knows what is happening to his brothers at home who develop Renal problems. Those who could afford to travel to Bo-bathe-us or T’n’T twice ah week foh treatment is OK, but if not, yuh better start to sing ” Nearer my God to Thee” or Lord I’m coming Home”! But not as long as Decent is alive. He is home now after raising funds in the UK to source five Die-all-ah-says Machines. According to Decent these Machines are to be housed at the Guv-ah-mint Hospitals to provide ah Free service foh the poor and rich too. But ah notice ah ain’t see or hear no fanfare nor nothing, no pull-ah-trick-hand mek any fuss about this gift, these are machines that help save and prolong life. Ah hope it ain’t too late but ah really looking forward to see de Come-red or Doc Slater lie-in down pon ah Hospital bed next to one ah these machines pozey-in foh the camera; after all when the Cubans arrived here to do the Eye Opener Program, and we thank God and Castro foh that program, but as ah was saying, the first men to have dey pictures taken getting dey eyes tested, was Come-red Ralph and Come-re Say-yes. Lie-Za say former NDP minister, Fonzo Dennie was there before everybody, but he didn’t much-up his picture in the Papers showing him sharing in ah ULP gift. Don’t bother with that Lie-Za Teacher Dennie. De Come-red was making apology foh de NDP negligence in not paying the Leeward people them foh they land that Guv-ah-mint acquired foh road widening, ah hope he does the noble thing and not have to apologize to Decent Henry on day when it may be too late. We need to big up de Man. He might not be ah Prophet but he brings to us ah Gift, ah Blessing sent to us by the greatest Prophet that ever walked the earth.


Lie-Za as all yoh know is covering the Elections. She was asking me if Airport going out ah style, how come every party including Sir James got plans foh one, and every one got ah different site. The ULP putting theirs at Argyle and that will be ready by 2011. Arm-In fancy ah Jet-port at Kitchen, ah suppose we will hear when that will be ready in the NDP Man-yuh-fete-so. The President ah the Green Party, I-fan Own-heel will not be left out, he got his eye on ah Airport at Langley Park. And of course Sir James not giving up on his plans foh Arnos Vale. So if all goes well we could end up with two Airports, as Sir James say one foh landing and one foh teking off.. Then ah asked her what is happening in the NDP, like we having ah lickle problem, Arm-In is in charge and Sir James and Jerry George going ahead with plans foh Arnos Vale, while Arm-in fear-foh Kitchen. She say Sir James may have his plans but he outside; is de man in de Kitchen who feeling de heat, and right now Arm-In like he in Hell cooling that ULP Heat that on!

And with that, ah gone again! One Love Bassy.