Bassy - Love Vine
May 6, 2005


Just imagine Gospel Fest dah buss the scene only two years ago, right now bussing the seam.

The Show is so big that ah believe the organizers wondering how they go handle it next year. Seven zones including representation from every Church except the Catholics who unfortunately not into Gospel yet, that should be ” not into Gospel Music”. That’s ah wake up call foh Joe Sherry-done the man who plays Guitar, Banjo and Monica oops Her-monica all at the same time during Catholic Mass. {{more}}

This year Gospel Fest took the country by storm foh the whole month ah April with build-up Shows throughout the country; the Grand Finale took place last Sat-dey and Sun-dey nights with the best ah the Gold Medal winners. Ah took my lickle daughter out on ah date Sun-day night, it was her birthday, ah trying to get her into singing Gospel Music, but on the way home ah asked her if she enjoyed it, she said “yep! especially the dancers”! Actually dey had some good dancing. Got to give it to them liberated Pentacostal Pastors, ah would ah like to single out one ah two like Pope, Frederick, Daniel, Clarke, but ah got to say all ah them, foh allowing the young Christians to Praise God Gospel-I-sing our Kaiso, Reggae and Afro-Caribbean (dance) Rhythms.

Our young people must turn to God foh answers to today’s challenges. The recent deaths on the Highway of two young people in as many weeks, is sufficient warning foh young and ole. While we cannot push Death aside when he comes, we can mek sure and Prepare We-self foh his arrival! And it was heartening on Sun-dey Night just to watch hundreds ah Young People shout-in and whale-in foh Jesus at ah Gospel Show with de same N-ah-G and Viggah they does let loose at ah Shadow, Mantano, Bee-knee or Beres Show.

Lots ah good performances that night. Ah sat next to Blazer and his wife, he was there picking his fair-foh-it and ah was picking mine.

Ah like the Seventh Day Adventist Male Group that sang in Acapella style; ah like the dramatization ah the song “Satan bites de dust” by the Enhams Nazarine Church; ah like the three young sisters from Spring Village “Blessing You”; ah want to applaud the Diamond Deliverance Church foh entering fifteen ah the sixteen categories, they missed the band section, but come next year that will be taken care of, as they will enter all sixteen classes.

By the way, ah counted no less than 12 bands on stage, playing some bad music too. So if the young people who frequent the night clubs, wondering how come is only DJ Rap and DJ Crap music the clubs them playing, don’t worry, all the young, talented musicians playing in the Churches. The Show was well organized, thanks to men like Fee-del Taylor and Paul St. John who go way back when Gospel Music was struggling to mek ah mark. So good to see my buddy My-call Peters doing his bit ah MC foh de Master, he told me he’s now doing it all foh Jesus!

And the never miss Rainy was there. Whether is Carnival or Gospel, Rainy is always there from start to finish, meking sure yuh get what yuh need without enter-fear-in, and that’s the secret to her success. She’s the pick ah the crop!

Yuh can’t keep Lie-Za out of ah good Fete. Somebody tell me she was in another stand carrying-on, arguing that is Pastor Frederick and Daniel who does teach the dancers them to dance. She wrong though, ah feel is Pastor Noel Clarke, de two left foot man, who is the choreographer.


LeRoy of Roy’s Inn deserves honourable mention. Roy de Hotelier with ah fixed smile, is selfless, ah great host and promoter with N-ah-G and Passion foh the Hotel/Tourism Industry, he never misses an opportunity to talk Tourism, whether it’s on the street, the Radio or TV, Roy finds the time to talk to people. As ah manager his vision is clear, he advertises and promotes his business regularly; he offers ah variety ah packages foh locals and remains involved in the culture, that’s why Roy’s in foh big things. Congrats Roy!


So Roy gets honorable mention but them Trade Union leaders deserve Dis-honourable mention. Look how the Trade Union Movement come, big Labour Day and nothing from the Union. Ah would ah call pon Buns, but Buns is not de Hot Cross Buns he uses to be. Lie-Za say Buns and Glen come like two man rat, the hole too small foh them to Shake Up, so dey wuking shift. But at least Know-well, Union man with so much ah promise, pon Radio foh hours on ah Wens-day night talking Trade Union-is-him, could ah organize ah Rally. Member when Labour Day was Labour Dey, Joshua with his Union marching down one Street, Duff James with his down another Street and Cyril Roberts down the other Street. Then all fall down; so right now is like what went around, come back round. And the wukers will suffer.

Member When the new ULP Guv-ah-mint took office, how they got Glen Jackson to organize the “first ever” ULP Labour Day Rally, was it ever big, every body who was ah some body in Trade Union-is-him, run pon stage to pay humble-age to de Come-red and praise ULP foh correcting de Hysterical Wrong, by making the first day in May the holiday, and not the first Mon-day. Help me member who was dey nah: was Rob-he from SVUT, Pah-jak, Know-well, Fits, Ah-list, Small, de Nurse, Doctor, ministers, Lawyers.

Member When they bun Mitchell foh teking way Labour Day from wukers and mek Fisherman competition. But Trade Union leaders must realize that them is like the Cock-roach and the Guv-ah-mint is d fowl-cock, keep way from fowl-cock party.

Right now is like the ULP dentist done pull out all dey teeth, they can’t even bite porridge, dey could only swallow, and is so they getting nuff thing ram down they throat. They so lame without ULP assistance, they couldn’t even organize ah van ride foh sham. And way happen Sun-dey or Mon-dey? not ah thing! Lie-Za say she went Met-dis Church on Sun-dey; de Come-red was there, and some ah them find themselves dey too, or maybe is he invited them to go along to tek shame out ah they face.

But say way yuh like, Come Mon-dey all ah them went picnic, who didn’t go pon boat ride went pon beach! Ole people say monkey never knew the size ah he bottom till he swallow plum seed, dem Unions ain’t swallow plum, dey swallow ah bag ah plum! Guess what? Is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.