Bassy - Love Vine
April 22, 2005
Archbishop Pompey’s big day

Ah don’t want to get too deep into Cat-lick-is-him this week, as ah dealt with the Pope ah few weeks ago.

Ah must say however that with the passing ah Pope John Paul, his track record was so good, that the media was forced to shelve ah lot ah the negative publicity that had caused considerable damage to the organization and promote the church in ah very positive way. {{more}}

After the performa

We now have ah new Pope, Benedict the XVI, he got ah hard act to follow. Ah will offer Prayers foh him. Could be Cat-lick, Met-dis or Bap-tis we must pray foh leaders, religious and Pull-it-tek-all. My choice foh Pope would ah been the African Cardinal, de Black ole fellar! And ah not race-sis, ah only buy-us. nce ah Pope John Paul we realize that the Cat-lick Church could have an influence on the world if they want to, and the same could be said bout the US, they control de world. My feelings is that the day yuh see Rome gets ah Black Pope and the US ah Black President, people will be inspired to run pon the playing field, they will not see no more up or down, just ah level surface.


But as ah say already this week ah resting up de Cat-licks and ah going Spiritual Baptist. Sunday was Archbishop Pompey’s big 20th Anniversary as an Archbishop. Ah got my invitation so early that ah was afraid ah would ah forget the date and miss de party. Sir Frederick was there and guess who else? De man himself, PR! spick and spanky-doshus, all robed and decked in his Chancellor outfit; ah didn’t recognize him at first, ah nearly tek him foh one ah them black Cardinals in Rome.

The Service got off to ah prompt start and what ah good job Archdeacon Frank Simon did as Leader or MC. Simon was ably assisted by Sister Rogers stage manager. Spiritual Baptist ain’t wishy-washy like long ago, is good, good professional people taking Water Baptism and then going pon dey knee to mourn; nobody ain’t shame now to tie dey head and praise God. About fifteen minutes into the Service the Bo-bathe-us contingent arrived, all dressed in bright colours and fine splendour all thirty ah them, headed by Archbishop Grenville Williams. Williams is the man who did lay hands pon PR and baptized him in Bim, not Bin, Bim as in B’dos! Is like all the Archbishops who does lay hands pon de Big Men and them was there.

Archbishop Johnny Jones was there, he did lay hands pon de Come-red and declared him de winner ah de elections. Lie-Za say de Come-red missed the CCJ trip to T’n’T and went up to his Constituency to Calm-Pain and mainly to look foh Johnny foh another bath maybe, but Johnny was by Pompey.

Ah been going to Spiritual Baptist meetings since ah small, and ah experience some good ones too, but Sunday was like I-scream and cake. Bishop John got ah lickle three piece band in his church, key-board, drummer and bass, dey bad like storm. When Latoyah pound de keyboard ah see Sir Frederick twisting and wriggling up in his chair. Ah went over and ask him if he ain’t feel like shaking ah leg, he smiled and said : “Yuh know!” The GG stayed to the end, six uplifting hours; the GG’s gesture went down very well with the Leaders, they commented on it.

Mention must be made of Sis. Lavern Nurse of Bim who did ah most beautiful version ah “Great is thy Faithfulness”. The choirs from St. Mary’s Overland sound very good too, and young Melford Pompey did an excellent tribute to his father. The Message was well rendered by Archbishop Williams who touch ah nerve, several nerves actually. He called foh ah stopping ah this none-cents that going on in the movement, way every body want to be ah Bishop or Archbishop and do they own thing, claiming them is the only true Spiritual Baptist. Archbishop Johnny made no bones bout his position, he stated he is all foh Unity, and proclaimed Pompey the most senior and Leader.

And PR has promised to bring every body to-gather. If is one man who is capable ah getting the Unity Movement going is PR. Ah all time does say that the Movement made its greatest progress when PR did his stint in the NDP Guv-ah-mint.

But de man ah de Day was Archbishop Pompey. He has not been in the best ah health lately but his Spirit is still there: Cool like Cucumber, calm, peaceful and very Spiritual.

Ah was asked to read ah Lesson and stole ah couple minutes to nice-up Pompey on his Anniversary.

The Archbishop is my Spiritual Chef and when ever ah go up to Sandy Bay ah must stop by to get even ah Spiritual Snack from him. Ah promise him that ah will come up and Mourn, but we have ah lickle problem, ah kind ah hurdle to clear.

Up in the roof he got two leather straps. He will not tell me what he does with them, he only telling me when ah come ah will see. Lie-Za was telling me ah should look foh somebody to go with me when ah going, somebody who will get more lashes than me with the leather straps. Ah ask her to suggest somebody, yuh know way she tell me: ” How bout PR or de Come-red”?

Not me and that girl! Is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.