Bassy - Love Vine
April 15, 2005
We have robbed God

Ah really feel foh the Banana Farmers so much so, that ah went on ah Fast to see if ah could ah come up with any I-dare that could help save Bananas, save the Farmers and most of all save the country.

So ah I-detate, so ah Fast and one sentence keep coming over and over: “Only God alone could save Bananas!” Ah say ah prayer and ah tell God that this sentence suggest that Banana like it Curse, and ah like ah got to search his words to find ah explanation ah that sentence and look foh dis Curse. {{more}}

Yuh know ah start ah read de Bible from the index, ah mind tell me look fo ah Book in the Bible that begin with the word Bad as in when things Bad as to cause ah Curse. Nothing doing, is then ah ‘member me penny-haip-knee Spanish and ah ‘member the word Mal mean Bad as in Mal-ah-kye, the last Book in the Ole Test-e-mint. So ah start ah read Mal-ah-Kye and there it was in chapter 3 verse 9, big and bold, the word Curse. God was telling the people: “You are Cursed with ah Curse; for you have robbed Me, even this whole nation.”

Yes when Banana was flourishing, dog uses to eat cheese. ‘Member how them Farmers uses to change vehicle, some ah them got jeep foh dey-self, car foh de wife and some even had de children driving to school.

Nobody ever remember ah thing called Tithe, de ten percent that every Christian believer or believer in Christianity must give back to the Lord. When yuh mek ah dollar, ten cent is de Lords’; if yuh don’t pay it, then yuh simply Rob God, even this whole nation! When yuh Rob God, all he does is to turn He back on Yuh! No more protection! No more success! An ah Curse tek over! That is what plague-in Bananas.

The responsibility now rests with de Church to reach out to every wuker, every Banana Farmer and witness to them of the benefits ah Tithing, otherwise, all the brilliant efforts by Guv-ah-mint to revitalize Banana over the next three years is ah waste ah time. Trust me, it is all in the Book of Mal-ah-Kye!


Banana down and Light Bill up, is like more weight pon Massah King Sugar. Ah beginning to feel comfortable that ah was one who shouted Pull-it-tek-all Victim-I-say-shun and opposed the sacking ah all them high power tek-no-crap workers at Vinlec. We were told how the fellars and dem did run Vinlec down to the ground, and the whole place got to be restructured, better things in store. Way the better things dey?

The minister boasts of Vinlec making profits, but at whose expense? Every month the light bill is higher than the last month. Now ah not playing ignorant to the fact that Oil prices is just climbing; but ah would like to know how does the consumer in SVG compare with other Caribbean consumers. Ah will bet that we are among the highest!

Ah went round the fish market the other day, it looks spectacular, ah saw Bandy Waist of “one man protest” fame sitting there, no longer the Roaring Lion of the sixties and seventies who took to the streets with placards balling that “CDC (light bill) Killing we”. Ah remembered him with pride and ah called out to him and said: ” Bandy boy, is only now CDC killing we”! He shook his head and replied :” Ah watching dem”!Ole people got ah thing dey does say “fool ah talk but nah fool ah listen!”


Sometimes that EG Linch does mek me feel disgusted. Like when he tried to heckle de Come-red and brought his Holiness de Pope into it. Ah think Care-Not John dealt with him nuff ah-ready. But as bad as he does be at times, ah felt even more disgusted last week when ah read in all the Papers that Linch in trouble, because he say that Guv-ah-mint got ah vehicle that loaded with equipment, that does tap people phone and enter-fear with the frequency and jam-out signals during the broadcast ah EG program.

Now let me mek it perfectly clear, I am one who support phone tapping. Tapping the phones ah known genuine criminals, is essential all over the world, SVG got no choice. But ah know that the party in power will use it fuh mis-shift and pull-it-tek-all Spy-in and that is wrong. Ah will bet though, that if and when NDP gets into power again, they will never discontinue phone tapping.

So if ULP tapping phones in truth, don’t tek linch and mek ah scape goat. Lie-Za say dey tapping phone like tap dance. She challenging them to prove that Arm-in and Lea-cock phone ain’t tap, she mention ah Alexander phone tap, right away ah get frighten, but is not me, is Brian, Dug-he and Linch, Frankly speaking, his phone got to be tapped. They go lock up Lie-Za, she say all de prim-prom song PR singing foh them, like dey still ain’t sure, his phone tap too. Now this case foh Linch is ah pull-it-tek-all ploy, to hush or put him away, Linch ain’t got nothing to prove.

The burden of truth rests with the Guv-ah-mint and the police. If dey hands clean, then all they got to do, is invite the leader ah the opposition or the Christian Council to send ah technician to examine this Miss-tree vehicle and get ah clean bill ah health. If not, shut yuh mouth, just do yuh thing and leave EG alone!


Yuh must imagine how badly ah felt when ah went to pick up de kids at 3:00 o-clock on Wednesday and saw this funeral gathering outside Catholic Church, only to hear is my class mate Urel Campbell. Urel and I grew up in Murray Village, went to Richmond Hill school together, she went across to High School and I went to Grammar School. At lunch time and at three in the afternoon ah whole gang of us walking home, de Saunders boys, St. Agathe boys, Karl and Cecile John, de Campbell boys and girls, nice lime that, was like the whole village looking out. Then two lickle school girls Urel and Peggy Inch burst de scene ah Netball and walk into the Hall of Fame. But we never lost touch, up to ah few weeks ago ah saw her walking in track suite, and ah felt so happy that she was keeping fit. Ah kind-ah feel ah how foh Urel. Ah saw Care-Not John going to the funeral, and as usual we never meet without ah heckle. He caught me off guard when he said to me: ” Good, good Soul like Urel gone and yuh still around”. But Urel gone to rest ah while and then back on the Court foh ah game with the famous team of Sydney Morris, Ishbell, Grace, Marlene and the rest.

Talking bout Good, good Soul, ah looked at Pope John Paul Funeral and one thing touched me, his coffin. Ah simple pine box, not even shape like ah coffin. If dey had Breadfruit board in Rome, ah believe de Pope would ah settle fo ah Breadfruit Box. Any how ah done tell me lickle daughter, when ah dead and she hear them talk bout Casket, tell them don’t think about it; Daddy say he want ah Breadfruit Box, and if they put him in any other coffin and he ain’t jump out and run, tell de world he say: “when yuh dead

And ah gone again!yuh done”! One Love Bassy.